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How do you help a male friend if you detect he is being abused by his girlfriend?

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You have to be really serious and tell him what you think.Don't hold back in this matter. I think so too. but if that doesn't work, just kill his girlfriend. That one will always work.

2009-05-08 23:49:05
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What can you say to your friend being abused by his mother?

Get him to a DV Crisis Center immediately.

How can you help an abused woman?

getting her help by telling the police, being her friend.

What to do if your girlfriend id being abused by her dad?

Speak anonymously to your school counselor or nurse. They will know what to do, and can keep you out of it.

How do you get a boyfriend or girlfriend?

You get a boyfriend/girlfriend by being kind to the person you want as you boyfriend/girlfriend and becoming their friend. Then when you get the courage you ask them out.

Your friend was abused what should you do?

if your friend is being abused you should try telling your parents about it. hopefully they will be able to help. before you tell your parents make sure your friend knows first. im not sure if this will work but talk to your friend and think of something to do to stop the abuse.

How do you turn a friend into a girlfriend?

By being yourself and asking her at the right time

How do you steal your best friend from his girlfriend?

how about not being a bastard/bytch and not doing that

How do you get your best girlfriend to like you?

Kindness, honesty, and being a good friend.

What is the middle ground between friend and girlfriend?

There isn't one. Being a "girlfriend" implies some level of intimacy. Being a friend means a platonic relationship (no intimacy). Commit yourself to one or the other.

What should you do if you are being abused?

If you are being abused you need to tell someone!

Love my girlfriend but like my best friend my girlfriend cheated on me should i go out with my best friend?

Grow up, please. If you like your best friend, you don't love your girlfriend. You girlfriend cheating on you is not reason or justification for you to do it back. You didn't like being cheated on, did you? So why would you do it back? You obviously forgave her & tolerated it. If you can't, LEAVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND. Do not go out with your best friend if you're not single.

Do disabled children understand they are being abused?

No disabled children do not understand that they are being abused.

How many kids in the world are being abused?

there is an estimated that over 300,000 kids are being abused every year. And over 1530 kids die from being abused.

Can being friendly with students ever become a problem?

I dont think that being friendly with other students can become a problem... unless that someone was a boyfriend or girlfriend of your friend.. you may get in trouble... like your friend might get annoyed with you talking/flirting with his or her boyfriend or girlfriend.

What to do if your boyfriend makes friend with another girl?

Don't be jealous, she is only his friend. After all: You can meet boys and be friends with them without being their girlfriend.

Colonists believed that their rights as Englishmen were being abused by the Bill of Rights?

The did believe that there rights were being abused

How are cheetahs being abused?

Cheetahs are being abused by humans that shoot them or hunt them down in their natural habitat.

Is being a wing man really ok if the guy has a girlfriend?

If he is with his girlfriend and she did not bring a friend for you, no. If he has a girlfriend but is trying to hookup with someone else, yes, however you should have priority if you're single.

Is it all right for a boy to like his friends girlfriend?

It is okay for you to like her, but don't make any moves as this could end with your friend being mad at you, and his girlfriend being even more so!

How do you protect your children whom are being emotionally abused by their father and his girlfriend?

Take him to court, Show damages,,,,,,,,,,,, A lawyer will be needed for this,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sorry, There is no other legal way.

About how many kids are abused?

According to some, every child is abused. Because if they aren't being physically, sexually or emotionall abused then they are being neglected, which is a form of abuse.

How do animals feel while being abused?

Well i cant see them being too happy about being starved, beaten and abused. Would you??

How many people per year are being abused?

1 in every 40 people are being abused every year

Was Catherine Rovera Pelzer abused as a child?

Yes she was abused as a child. being abused+drinking+her mental health= not good

What should you do about a Best guy friend with a crazy girlfriend who is ruining your friendship?

To be honest, just give him some space along with his girlfriend, until things come down between the two. That's when come to realize that his girlfriend is crazy and you were being a true friend. That's just my opinion.