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  • In my experience the important thing is to keep the mouth very very clean. Then I began a light massage in the muscles around the jaw and the facial muscles. I dedicated a good six hours to lying in bed massaging and then I would sleep and wake up and massage again. Eventually the infection will spread from your tooth into the rest of your face and then into your body. This "could" be dangerous (I've heart the Horror stories about the infection going to your brain, etc.) but I know how to listen to my body and could feel my tooth getting better even though the rest of my body felt ill.

    It is VERY IMPORTANT to drink lots and lots of water (7-14 glasses a day), and eventually you'll sweat out the infection and it goes away. This has happened twice to me in three years. Both times, everyone around said I was crazy and that I needed to go to the dentist. And yet, after a lot of TLC and about two days of bed rest and massage, it goes away. That is a lot better than paying the dentist hundreds of dollars. Don't listen to the fear-based B.S. -- your body is an amazing thing and TLC, massage, cleansing and rest/low stress levels are key to healing. I am not a professional -- and this could be dangerous for others -- but for me it worked. The reason for my tooth infection was a cracked tooth.

  • I'm a DDS, and as the answer below me indicates, you can't. Antibiotics will relieve the symptoms, but they can't cure the source of the infection: Once the tooth dies, there isn't any blood supply to deliver the antibiotic to where the bacteria are located. The only way to eliminate a tooth infection once and for all is to either remove the infected pulp tissue (i.e., have a root canal) or extract the tooth.
  • You can't. You can try brushing and flossing very well in that area and rinsing with warm salt water, but it will only help for a little while. You can try to get state insurance or go to a state clinic that is cheaper and may let you make payments.
  • I've found in the past that taking large amounts of garlic helps to reduce a tooth infection. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Take a look at the following link. It explains it much better than I can:

    For more information visit the Related Link.

    I would recommend purchasing the odor-free garlic -- because of the amount you would take and the frequency. Usually I take a handful on the first dose and then a few tablets every few hours. Don't worry, you won't overdose on garlic. But as I mentioned, the odor-free garlic is much better for this. If you don't have tablets handy, fresh garlic works too. However, I only recommend it as a last resort. Rather just take a clove of garlic and chew it up, and some day, you'll understand why. Garlic capsules get a lot more in your system a lot easier than chewing up several cloves of garlic. I've had numerous infections in the past and it works.

    And a natural means of dealing with the pain is clove oil. Although it tastes horrible, it numbs the gums and eases the pain. As as aside, I haven't taken antibiotics since I was a child. I'm 36 now and my infections are few and far between.

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Q: How do you help cure a tooth infection when you do not have insurance or money to see a dentist?
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How do you know if an infection is in a tooth?

See a dentist.

What Doctor do you see for a tooth infection?

A Dentist or Endodontist.

Is your tooth extraction infected?

A tooth extraction can get an infection. A dentist or doctor will have to prescribe antibiotics to help clear the infection.

What do you do when you have a black tooth?

the tooth goes black when the root dies from infection. you gotta go dentist

Who treats a tooth infection?

This sort of treatment is delivered by a qualified dentist.

What makes a tooth smell?

Very possibly an infection; you must see a dentist.

Sick from tooth pull?

You need to see your dentist, because you could have an infection.

Is pus a good thing after a tooth extraction?

No Tell your dentist you might have an infection

What dose of augmentin for tooth infection?

The dosage of Augmentin for a tooth infection is decided upon by your doctor or dentist. Never taken medicine that is not prescribed by a doctor.

Help dealing with pain from tooth infection with no insurance?

Tooth pain will usually not go away if it is caused by extensive decay. In that case, the only answer is to go to the dentist. It may not be as expensive as you think, to get the tooth pulled. Usually the dentist will charge around $80 for an extraction (depending on region where you are) and something similar for the exam. Beats having a toothache. See your dentist if the pain persists

When is it safe to remove swellen tooth?

Tooth extraction is not recommended if the gum area around the specific tooth is swollen. This means there might be an infection in the area and tooth removal can only worsen it. Visit your dentist as soon as possible. If you currently don't have a dentist, call 877-639-0820. It's a free service that would assist you in finding the right dentist based on your needs, insurance (if you have one) and the affordability.

Who treats patients surffering from some type of tooth infection?

A dentist can do that type of work.

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