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How do you help your rabbit get through a traumatic experience?

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Lots of love and affection but also give it space it it shows it needs it.

After a traumatic experience, you should be extra careful to reduce stress in your rabbit's life. See the related questions below for more details and helpful links.

2012-04-17 23:25:11
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How do you help a baby rabbit from death?

By bringing it to a vet with experience and knowledge in rabbits. See the related questions below for more help.

Rosalie hale cant help it with the anger issues right?

She is not as happy with her life as the others, it happens in real life, when someone has a traumatic experience, they can have anger problems.

How does childhood trauma affect depression in adulthood?

It could do but it is more how well your relationships are with your parents, peers and close family members as a child and as an adult that affects depression in later life. People who experience a traumatic experience either as a child or an adult and have people in their lives who can support, love, listen to and encourage them to seek help or help themselves in a positive way and who are consistently there to rely on are less likely to be depressed or adversely affected by that experience. For someone affected by a traumatic experience as a child positive social interaction and support from people at the time of the experience is key to help them recover and grow up to be a healthy and well-adjusted adult.

How pet rabbit help human?

rabbit help human live life. rabbit tasty and delicious for soul.

Why is there blood in your rabbit's feces?

If your rabbit has blood in its feces, that means he or she is very sick and needs help as soon as possible from a vet who has experience and knowledge in treating rabbits. There is no normal reason for a rabbit to bleed from the genitals or anus. See the related questions below for more help.

What do you do if you don't know why your rabbit is dying?

If your rabbit is dying and you don't know why, bring it immediately to a vet who has experience and knowledge in treating rabbits. Even if the rabbit has died, the vet can figure out what happened. You can also find help from people on online rabbit forums. See the related questions below for more information and helpful links.

What are the factors in the development of personality?

These are different in every person, but common ones include how their childhood was. Other things that help determine what their personality is can be any traumatic events they went through (i.e. war) and how it affected them (traumatic events affect everyone to a different level and in a different way).

What is a rabbit whisker?

Rabbit whiskers are like cat whiskers. Whiskers are specialized hairs. Rabbits have whiskers on their cheeks to help them feel their way through pitch black tunnels without bumping their faces into the walls.

Why did my rabbit go from always being happy to angry?

A rabbit's temperament and personality might change from happy to angry for many different reasons.To rule out a medical problem, you should bring the rabbit to vet who has experience and knowledge in treating rabbits. The vet can also give you personalised advice about how to best care for your bunny. Until you see the vet, observe your rabbit closely and watch for other possible signs of ill-health. You can also post questions on a rabbit-specific online forum, and people may be able to help you in a more detailed way.See the related links and questions below for more help.Some reasons a rabbit might go from being always happy to always angry could be:Changes in the rabbit's surroundings or lifestyle (including changes in your home, changes to diet, more activity in the home, etc.)The rabbit could be sick -- pain and illness can make a rabbit grumpySomething traumatic may have happened (a big scare)Sex hormones -- one good reason to spay/neuter your rabbit

If a rabbit gets soaked will it die?

Yes, a rabbit can get sick and die from getting soaked in water. The rabbit might get hypothermia from being wet; or it could go into shock or GI stasis from being highly stressed - any of these situations could lead to death if the rabbit isn't quickly treated by a vet with experience and knowledge in treating rabbits. See the related questions below for help.

How can you save your dying rabbit?

Depending on what's wrong with your rabbit, you might be able to save it by bringing it immediately to a vet with experience and knowledge in treating rabbits. You can give the rabbit first aid until the vet takes over - ask people on online rabbits forums for help and advice about your specific case (see links below).

My rabbit is bleeding out of its butt or where it pees out of It is a female rabbit. What is wrong with her What can I do to help her She is 6 years old?

You should take your rabbit to the vet.

What does the tail do to help the rabbit?

it helps them balance!!

Which organ help move to rabbit?

The brain

What causes a dog to fear climbing stairs?

Possibly the dog has had a bad experience with stairs in the past. Often all it takes is one traumatic event to create a permanent impression on a dogs mind. It should be possible to work through this by helping the dog climb stairs with a lot of encouragement from you. Help the dog feel safe and assure it that it is alright and that stairs are a good thing. Treats can help along with time and patience.

Do rabbit ears have any bones in?

Rabbit ears are made of cartliage and blood vessels. The blood vessels help the rabbit keep cool in the summer.

Does marijuana help stop vomiting?

doubtful. i wouldn't waist a good high on that. it might be traumatic.

What songs have the word rabbit in them?

Chaz and Dave sing a song called Rabbit? If that's any help (:

What is being done to prevent rabbit riverine from becoming extinct?

The riverine rabbit programme employs people from the local community to help rehabilitate degraded habitats. This means they are restoring ecosystem services to help save the riverine rabbit..

What body part help the rabbit survive?

their heart

How does rabbit help people?

it gives you good luck

How can you help an injured baby rabbit from my yard?

if injured please contact a Wildlife Rehabilitator or rabbit vet immediately.

Why is your rabbit sick?

Rabbits can get sick for all kinds of reasons. Maybe another animal caused it, or something else in its environment, or maybe it hasn't been living a healthy lifestyle. Bring your rabbit to a vet who has experience treating rabbits. The vet can tell you why your rabbit is sick, and hopefully do something to help it get better. See the related questions below for more information and links.

Do rabbits have seizures?

Yes, rabbits can have seizures. If you think your rabbit is having seizures, bring him or her to a vet with experience and knowledge in treating rabbits as soon as possible. If you can, take a video of the rabbit having a seizure so you can show the vet what exactly happened. See the related questions below for more help.

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