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How do you het dragon amulet and dragon coins without WPE PRO?


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2009-12-23 08:03:22

If you beat doom kitten 400 times u will get a dragon amulet i herd abt it and did it and i even got 1 be sure to keep track somethimes it works on 200 times

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you will need to have wpe pro and wacth a video on youtube

Hi. Here are a few ways to get dragon coins for free! 1: Watch Ballyhoo! commercials oftenly and you might get 5 dragon coins sometimes 2: Watch Ballyhoo! commercials. Click "VISIT SPONSOR" Sign up for the sponsors and get free dragon coins 3:Go on Google. Download WPE PRO for free. Go to youtube. Find how to get a free Dragon amulet on WPE PRO. With the Dragon amulet comes 200 or more Dragon coins. Please comment, discuss, and share your ideas. Thanks for reading.

No im sorry. But you can hack with wpe pro :) So you get DA and u can do it:)

no you need to use wpe your self when you turn off wpe the acc doesnt have dragon amulet

buy a dragon amulet in dragon fable. my name is sora keyblade pro in aqw signing of.............

you willl have to buy it with USDs but u can get a temporary one by hacking with wpe pro

This will ban you from the game., But Its VERY UNLIKLY, only about 5 of 10,000 do get banned. Go Ahead, who cares, it's not like you spent any money on the acc.

You can' need a Dragon Amulet Sorry. I don't have a DA suxs not having one :( Are you people having trouble getting the dragon amulet. Well you reached the right answer. First go to google and type download wpe pro. Then you click on a website and then download it. When you download it open it. So when you open it click on the target program. Then click at firefox or iexplore. Then click on the arrow which represents play. Then login to df and when your in the game logout. Now open up wpe pro and click on the square. Now you should see a rectangle but don't click on it. Click on filter 1. Then there should be another rectangle. Click on advance then look at your left, click the bottom words. Now move the bar to 000. Now type these numbers in the little boxes. 6d 75 6c 65 74 3d on the white boxes and 6d 75 6c 65 74 3d 22 31 22 on the yellow boxes. Then click on apply. Now click the box on the left of filter 1. Then click on. Now you login to df again and there you, the dragon amulet warning:if you have any type of anti virus disable it!

maybe you can try this programs : - cheat engine 5.4 - WPE Pro - dragonfable black beta 2

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rapider search or somthing or on google type in wpe pro df trainer download hope this helps :P

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