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How do you hint that you want your boyfriend to kiss you?

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Put shiny gloss on you lips so he can't resist, keep them moist as you look at him by licking them.

AnswerHe might be scared to. Maybe he hasn't kissed anyone before, or maybe the moment hasn't been there. Wait until your date is over, then give him a kiss on the cheek. When you both look at each other, move closer. If he still doesn't go for it... Just ask him if he would like to kiss you. I once had a boyfriend who didn't want to offend me and he was nervous. So by me asking, he felt relieved, and it happened.


All you have to do is look right into his eyes until you both get lost in each other's eyes. Then it just happens, you both just get lost in the moment and you lean in for the kiss. And the whole time the two of their hearts are goin pitter patter, and you just get the butterflies in your stomach! That's the way a first kiss should be!


Me being a boy i think you should sit next to him and when you do just suprise him like get his attention and kiss him believe me he won't be mad or anything like that


I am a boy and i think that you should try to get close to him. you can do this by listening to music, or maybe......something else where you will be close, some thing shoulder to shoulder. also look at his lips. and make sure he notices. this is understood, but if he doesnt pick up on the hint, or if he asks what your staring at then tell him. or just say "i was just thinking about something" that's it. any guy who knows anything about romance would pick up on it. also, as he or you is leaving kiss him goodbye. that should work.


I am a boy too

Sometimes boys cant get the Cue when a girl wants to kiss them, if anything these guys say does not work (NOT saying it WONT) just go right up and ask why has he not kissed her. You can also just go up to him and kiss him. Sometimes the gurl has to make the first move.

2011-09-13 04:42:16
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How do you hint to my boyfriend that i want him to kiss me?

Get some eye contact and quiver your lips

You really want to kiss your boyfriend but you dont know if he wants to kiss you back what do you do?

Give him a quick, short kiss and then back off, and if he wants to kiss you he will, and if not you will get the hint. but what if he rejects u

How do i hint that I'm ready to kiss not just a peck my boyfriend for the first time?

you don't want to hint yourself just wait for the right moment. it will come!

What do you do if your boyfriend has a dream about you kissing and what do you do?

I think that is a hint that he wants to kiss you but he is to afraid to ask.

How do you tell your boyfriend that you want him to kiss you?

kiss him first

You told your boyfriend you want to kiss him what do you do?

Um, kiss him?

How do you hint that you want a kiss?

Best to be upfront. Tell the person you'd like to kiss them!

How do you hint a girl you want to kiss?

Pull her in close to yourself.

How do you get your boyfriend to kiss you we talk about it but after you both agree to it nothing happens?

If you really want your boyfriend to kiss you then you shouldent wait for him to kiss you. You should kiss him!

How should you kiss your boyfriend if you want to turn him on?

kiss him slowly

You are afraid to kiss your boyfriend what do you do?

tell him that you want to kiss him duhhhh then ya kiss

When can you kiss your boyfriend?

When you want to and when he wants to

What does a girl do when boyfriend want to make out?

you kiss him if you want to

What is the reason why your boyfriend doesn't want to kiss you when you want to kiss him back?

Maybe he is just not that in to you???????

How do you kiss your boyfriend if he doesn't want to kiss you?

You don't. If he doesn't want to kiss, he shouldn't have to kiss. Find another one if it is that important to you.

What do you do when your boyfriend trys to kiss you and you are not ready?

if u want to kiss him then just lean into him and............kiss him!

You really want to kiss your boyfriend?

yes I do.

What if your boyfriend does not want to kiss you what do you do?

then wait. what is the rush?

Do you want your boyfriend just to kiss you?


What to do when a guy asks for a kiss in public?

Kiss him. My boyfriend loves to kiss me, and we kiss anywhere. If you do not want to french kiss him in public, then just do a peck. I french kiss my boyfriend in public and I think it is nothing wrong with that.

You are 11 and you want to kiss your boyfriend should you?

If you want to, and he wants to, then you should do it.

What if your shy and you want to kiss your boyfriend?

If you really want something, go for it.

How can you make your boyfriend that doesn't want to kiss you to kiss you?

well stop and think why does someone who is your boyfriend (and wants to be) not want to kiss you and if he doesn't theres either a really good reason or he does not want to be in the relationship....but your best bet is to just ask him!

What should you say to your boyfriend if you want to kiss him?

Exactly that. Look him in the eyes and say "I want to kiss you so bad".

If you have a boyfriend and you want to kiss him how do you get him in the mood to kiss?

Go on a date to somewhere romantic and get him in the mood of it.