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Hit the tennis ball 2 seconds before you would hit a regual hit

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โˆ™ 2010-07-08 18:45:05
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Q: How do you hit a fastball on wii sports tennis?
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How do you do a fastball on Wii sports tennis?

throw the ball hard and press b

How do you get to where you can throw a 101 fastball of the wii sports?

Simply flick the wii remote super fast.

Can you play table tennis in Wii Sports?


Do you need a tennis racket for Wii sports?

No, you do not need to us a tennis racket, on wii sports! But you can get a racket( like at Wal-mart) but it is optional!

How do you slice in Wii Sports Tennis?

just like in real tennis

Can you play singles tennis on wii sports?

no you can´t

What was arthur ashe hobbies?

Wii sports tennis

Is Wii Sports the same as Wii Sports Resort?

No, Wii Sports Resort has more games than the Wii Sports. No, but 3 sports on wii sports resort are either the same or somewhat the same. Bowling has not changed. Golf now has 4 more cups (Resort A,B,&C along with Special Cup too!) and Tennis is now Table Tennis. Table Tennis Scoring in Wii Sports Resort is Different than Tennis's in Wii Sports. Table Tennis scoring goes 1-2-3-4-5-6(win) while Tennis goes 15-30-40-win. Unless either game goes into deuce though. Bottom line Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort are not the same. Actually The Only Change they made in bowling was they added automatic throwing and manual throwing.

How do you throw a 100mph fastball on wii sports?

it is very hard to throw a 100mph fastball, i can only go up to 95 but try snaping your wrist while holding the wii remote and you could get good results.

What games come with Wii Sports?

The original Wii Sports includes tennis, bowling, golf, boxing and baseball.

Who is the world breaker of the Wii game Wii sports of tennis?

me im a 10560 pro

What is the highest pro level for tennis on wii sports?

i am a 2008

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