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The connector for the brake controller is under the dashboard on your right close to the driver's foot rest. If you buy the genuine Toyota wiring harness with the connector then it will not take you more than a minute or so to install it as it fits right into the wiring harness that leads away from the brake controller. Make sure that everything is fixed in place and not lose.

2008-11-21 03:13:29
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How do you change brake pads on Toyota tacoma 2007?

How do I change the brake pads on Toyota tacoma 2007

2005 Toyota tacoma how to remove the brake rotor?

2005 Toyota tacoma how to remove the brake rotor

What does exclamation warning mean in a Toyota Tacoma?

Brake system warning light.....

Removing front brake rotors on 2003 Toyota Tacoma?

how do i remove the brake rotors for a 2003 Toyota tacoma v6 2wd

Toyota Tacoma troubleshooting 1996 Toyota Tacoma brake lights not working cab brake light works Tail light bulbs ok?


How do you repair front brake cylinder front Toyota tacoma 1995?

the tacoma has calipers on front.

How do you change the rear brake shoes on a 1994 Toyota Tacoma?

Toyota did not build the Tacoma in 1994. 1995 was the Tacoma's first year.

How do you repair the front brake cable of a 1998 Toyota Tacoma?

You bring it to the Toyota dealership and pay them to fix it.

Where is the clutch reservoir on a 2006 Toyota Tacoma?

Between the brake reservoir and the firewall.

How do you install a front parking brake cable in a 2001 Toyota tacoma?

Take it to shop

Where in the trunk is the controller for the brake lights located in a 1991 Toyota Corolla?

If by 'controller' you mean the switch that makes the brake lights come on, it is not in the trunk. It is located underneath the dashboard, next to the brake pedal.

Brake disc torque spec?

caliber torque spec on a Toyota tacoma pre runner

Toyota Tacoma Stuck in park?

This is a blown brake fuse check your break fuse and should fix it.

Why does 2001 Toyota Tacoma left turn signal flash rapidly when brake is applied?

may have bad bulb

Where is the obd port located on a 2004 Toyota tacoma?

Drivers side, below E-Brake handle, facing downward.

How do you adjus the emergency brake on a 1998 Toyota Tacoma?

If you have rear drum brakes, you have to adjust your rear brake shoes. That will also give you a better pedal and more stopping power.

How do you remove a rear drum brake on a Toyota Tacoma 2001 truck?

To remove the drum, beat it mercilessly with a very large hammer.

How do you get your emergency brake light to go off after you release the brake on a 2000 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 I can push on the brake and the light goes off but when I let go the light comes on again.?

you need a new brake pressure differential switch

Why a 1995 Toyota corolla brake pedal is soft when the engine is running?

Brake system has air in it.

How long do front brake pads last on 2006 4X4 Toyota Tacoma with 46K last?

This is dependent on how you drive and brake your vehicle. You should check them visually every 5000 miles.

Brakes lights don't work on Toyota Tacoma?

every vehicle must have brake lights to indicate that the vehicle is stopping. with no brake lights the vehicle can cause a rear end collision.

What is causing my brake light to come on in my 1998 Toyota Tacoma Non-prerunner I checked the brake fluid and its full What else could it be?

The break light coming on in your 1998 Toyota Tacoma Non-Prerunner might be due to a faulty braking sensor. It could also be the brake cylinder or slave cylinder causing the light to come on. The break fluid being full is a great place to start; check the brake slave cylinder next.

Why does rear parking light go while the car is parked on a 2004 Toyota Tacoma?

Brake light switch is defective or needs adjustment.

Does the 1995 Tacoma have anti-lock brakes?

Look to see if it has an anti-lock brake controller on the right inner fender below the windshield wiper motor. It has electrical connections and brake lines going to it.

How do you change brake pads for a 2000 Toyota Tacoma?

First make sure your car is parked with the emergency brake on. Then remove the tire, check out the calipers and brake pads, clean or remove them, grease them to replace them, and then put the tire back on.