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depends on vartious things, what information i would need to know is : do u mean setting up a network with ur laptop and another PC?, what OS r u using? what type of broadband connection do you have?

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โˆ™ 2005-10-03 18:33:26
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Q: How do you hook up a laptop to your highspeed internet?
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Can you hook up a wireless internet connection and does this laptop have a dvd player?

This Netbook has no DVD Drive. You will be able to hook up a wireless internet connection.

Is it possible to hook up a laptop computer to broadband cable Internet service?

Yes, hook it up just like a desktop.

Can i use blackberry's IP address to hook up my laptop for internet?

Yes, you can.

Can you hook your xbox 360 up to your laptop for internet?

I tried that, and it doesn't work.

What does wireless high speed internet do?

Wireless high speed internet allows you to use your laptop without having it connected to the internet via a cable hook up. You can use your laptop anywhere in the house if you have wireless.

What is the thing you plug into your laptop to get Internet?

if you have a router, then take a Ethernet cable and hook it up to your computer and your router

Can you hook up a PS2 to a laptop?

ya you can hook it up to any PC or laptop if they are usb enabled. most are.

If you already have a computer and want a laptop how do you hook it up?

Hook what up? If you want a laptop, go and buy one.

How do you hook up a wireless laptop?

Are you trying to hookup your laptop to a wireless connection? To do this, you will need a cable modem and a wireless router. Make sure that your laptop has wireless internet enabled.

i have an metro pcs cell phone how do i hook it up to my laptop?

i have an metro pcs cell phone how do i hook it up to my laptop

Can you hook up a mini laptop to a TV?

Yes you actually can. You can hook up any kind of computer/laptop to t television, if you can buy an adapter cable to hook it up.

how do you hook up wireless internet service ?

how do you hook up wireless internet service

How can one watch cable tv over the internet?

You can watch cable tv by purchasing a router from your cable company or local store. You hook the cable up to your tv and then you hook it up to your laptop.

Are you using a KFC laptop or the electronic one?

KFC laptops are not able to hook up to wiki.answers.comI doubt that chicken would hook up to the internet in the first place.

Can you hook your laptop up to your tv through your PS3?

If you laptop has an HDMI output then you can hook it up directly to a HDTV with an HDMI input without the PS3.

how do you hook up T-mobile wireless internet service ?

how do you hook up to wireless internet service?

What are the things needed to hook up to the internet after buying a laptop or computer?

for laptop, it will automatically search for the signal and connect. for computer you will need to connect the wire the computer and to the router

How do you share internet from your laptop to your wii?

You cant do this, either if you have a a extra cord to hook up to the wii, or if you can create a wireless hotspot through your laptop. You can do this with phones, but it costs about $30 from AT&T.

Can you hook up your PS3 directly to your highspeed modem via ethernet cable?

yes you can i tried i and it worked yes you can i tried i and it worked

Is a router all i need for internet on laptop?

A router and the modem that will hook up to that router so it can provide the internet. Or you can wirelessly connect to the modem with Wi-Fi. You can also use a dongle for on-the-go internet.

How do you hook up your laptop to broadband internet in a hotel room?

Three basic choices: !. WiFi card in your laptop that will find and use open Internet connections. 2. Ethernet cable provided by the hotel so you can connect to their Internet connection. 3. Card installed in your laptop that allows you to connect to the Internet through a wireless company. OK, a fourth. Telephone connection using a modem in your computer and a dial up service.

Can you hook up an Xbox controller to a laptop?


How do you hook up video games on your PC?

Hook up a USB cable from the system to your hard drive or laptop.

How do I hook up my broken laptop monitor to another computer's monitor?

You can use a VGA cable to hook it up.

How do you Hook up a mouse to an apple laptop?

There is a USB slot on the side of the laptop, but the mouse USB in there.

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