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To hook up stereo speakers in a truck, attach the stereo wiring to the stereo and run it to the speakers. Clip the stereo speakers into the wires and place them in the panel spaces in the truck.

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Q: How do you hook up stereo speakers to a truck stereo?
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When hooking up an amp and speakers do you wire the speakers through the stereo or the amp?

Hook your speakers up to the amp.

What wires do you hook up for the front and rear stereo speakers in a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS?

you match them with the same colors

What is the stereo color coded wiring diagram on a 2008 ford van?

The stereo color coded wiring diagram on a 2008 Ford van is what shows you how to hook up a different stereo system in the vehicle if you choose to do that. The purpose of the diagram is so you hook the new stereo up correctly and all features and speakers work properly.

How do you hook up aftermarket stereo in 1977 Lincoln?

on factory wire harnes, there are 5 speaker wires. 4 are (+). on speakers, but only one (-). when i hook up aftermarket head unit do i hook up all negative speaker wires together

How do you hook your iPod up to your car stereo?

all you have to do is go to an apple store and when you do you have toask for the ipod cord hookup to the stereo in your car, the in your car you put it in and press the AUX button and you can play music in your car speakers from on your ipod.

How do you hook up house stereo in car?

with ur hands

How do you hook up an vr3 200 watt 2 channel amp to a car stereo?

well you hook it up

Do you need a receiver to hook up speakers to your tv?

You do not receive a receiver to hook up speakers to your tv. An jack that contains the speaker to your TV is all that you need.

Does the car stereo brand need to match the brand of car speakers?

No your stereo brand does not have to match the speakers to be compatible. With the rigth cables you still may be able to hook up mismatched brands; however, you will get the best sound quality out of using the same brand because they are meant to be used together.

Can I hook up all my 8 speakers to a 4 speaker car stereo?

no because there not enough, yes because you could put four in then take them out and put the other four in.

Can you hook up DJ speakers to a computer?

Speakers are speakers, it's just whether you have an adapter to plug them into your computer or not ;)

Getting a Separate Stereo System Hook-Up?

Using your electronic devices to play through a separate stereo system can be fun and exciting. Small electronic audio devices usually have small internal speakers and don't play very loudly. Using an adapter to hook them up with a separate stereo system can give you the power of your music through loud stereo speakers that really makes them sound wonderful. The power of small audio devices comes in being able to control your music, but the music performance is almost always poor. That's why it's imperative to get loud external stereo speakers that are connected vis-a-vis an adapter to the small audio device.

Can you hook up a trailer on mercenaries2 world in flames?

no, but with a truck you can hook up a oil rig.

What cables are needed to hook my DTV box to speakers?

The familiar red and white RCA jacks are needed to hook your Direct TV receiver up to an audio source.In general you'll need a stereo receiver to hook it up to speakers.You do get superb audio from DTV so it's worth the trouble.

How do you hook up model tr-2920 speakers?

You don't hook them up. They are garbage, sold out of a white van, scam speakers. Find the guy that sold them to you and get your money back.

What exactly are iPod car accessories?

With ClearScan, you can automatically find the clearest FM station and listen to your ipod in the car. There are car stereo cables to hook up your car speakers to your ipod.

What does 2.0 or 2.1 mean when looking at speakers and how does this compare to watts?

2.0 and 2.1 or even 5.1 regarding speakers means that there are 5 speakers to one output device such as the stereo. 2 speakers coming out of 1 stereo or 5 speakers coming out of one stereo. If you were to talk about 9.2 this would mean that there are 9 speakers but attached to 2 output devices such as a television as well as a stereo. Hope this has cleared up your problem.

Is it possible to hook up two sets of speakers to one computer?

It is completely possible to hook up two sets of speakers to one computer . All you should have to do is buy a Y cable and hook that up , and it should be no problem after that . It is a very simple thing for the most part to hook up .

What size are the speakers in a 2003 Chevy truck?

go to and look up speakers for your model truck and they will tell you what size will fit.

How do you hook your speakers up to your Dell computer?

the port that has the earphones picture :)

Do the mp3 player portable speakers hook up to any mp3 player?

Yes, mp3 player portable speakers hook up to any mp3 player. This is because mp3 player portable speakers hook up to an mp3 player's headphone jack, and all mp3 players have headphone jacks.

how many speakers i am able to attach with my subwoofer and with my stero?

You can usually hook up to six speakers and a subwoofer (6.1).

Do you have a video on how and where to hook up to add freon to a Chevy truck?


How do you hook up warn winch to truck?

With bolts or weld.

How does turning up a stereo increase the volume of the sound that is heard?

speakers vibrate farther