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How do you hook up your speakers if your DVD movies have no sound?


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2011-09-13 04:43:20
2011-09-13 04:43:20

check your DVD player to see if its putting out a digital or analog signal.....after that i have no clue.....check to make sure your using the right cables.....maybe got to monstercable.com and see if they have any diagrams u can look at

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it should automatically have sound

A DVD player does not have surround sound built into it. You can purchase surround sound speakers and connect them to the DVD player. This will make your movie experience much better.

No, it has audio inputs, not output. You would connect the speakers to whatever your source is (your computer, game console, DVD player...)

depending on the headunit you can output the sound through your car stereo speakers

You will have to burn the music onto a CD as the stereo will not accept the DVD.

It is possible to wire a DVD player just for the picture, and not for sound, although most people prefer to have sound. Dialogue can be very interesting.

Yes. You just have to hook the machines to your television. No cable service is required.

No, the output of most DVD players are analog stereo (front channel only) or digital optical or coaxial. The DVD player must be connected to a surround sound receiver, and then the front and rear speakers can be connected to that.

Turn up the speakers, or use earphones. Make sure the volume on the DVD player is set high enough.

Hi, Personally, I use a streaming audio recorder to record sound from DVD. If you can find a good video to audio converter, it is also helpful. With a streaming audio recorder, you can record sound from DVD disc or DVD movies on the internet and convert sound as MP3, WMA, ACC, OGG, etc。

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You need to connect the DVD player and speakers to an amplifier.

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Try plugging your computer speakers into the audio output jacks on the TV. That way, anything that's displayed on the screen should then pass through to your computer speakers.

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vcr out into DVD in, DVD out into tvhd in

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Convert the iPod's movies to the proper format, and burn to the DVD.

There are three main componets: the dvd player, the car video monitor, and the sound system. You need to mount the dvd player to either the dashboard or roof and run several wires from the audio of the dvd player to the speakers of the car.

In order to copy rented DVD movies, you should have the following things: a computer with a DVD burner, a DVD copy software and a DVD protection remover. You would copy rented DVD movies by first executing the protection onto the DVD, then by using the DVD burner with the DVD copy software to rip the DVD onto your PC.

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Plug the digital out of the DVD player in to the surround sound receiver.If your TV has a DVD player built-in, connect the digital audio output of the TV to the digital input of the surround sound receiver.Having asked this question 6 different ways, you should change your question to include the actual models of the equipment you have. We can't tell what type of gear you're talking about if you describe it as a "surround sound".

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