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How do you hotwire a 94 Pontiac firebird?


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September 13, 2011 4:43AM

The key system works like this: when you turn the key, a rod runs down the column, to a switch on top of the column, under the dash. This switch then activates various things. If you pull the plug off of that switch, with 2 jumper wires, you can jump accross the plug, and start the car, without damaging anything. Now, you will see a light purple wire. This is the neutral safety switch. This will have to jump to the ignition wire. I cannot remember the colors on the other two, but, use a test, and find the hot lead, hence, "hotwiring." That will have to jump, along with the purple, to whichever one hits the starter, then along to the light green, or ignition wire. This will not, however, release the steering wheeel, or the shifter, which, would facilitate actually stealing a car, which is something I am against, so I will not give that info. Your best bet is to call a locksmith who can make a key from scratch. He will probably want to see proof of ownership.