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what is the easiest way to identify a tree?

(a)by looking at its leaves

(b)by looking at its bark

(c)by feeling the leaves

(d)by feeling the bark

the correct answer is (a).

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How can leaves identify trees?

they have eyes @_@

Which UK trees can you identify by their leaves and bark?

Anyone who knows the subject well enough can identify them all.

Are cladograms true family trees?

No, because they do not identify individuals.

What is a small book that helps you to identify things such as trees birds or mammals?

A "Field Guide"

What is the gerund or gerund phrase and identify its noun function in the sentence Her daughter likes climbing trees?

The gerund is climbing; the gerund phrase is climbing trees.

What types of leaves coniferous trees have?

These trees have needles or scale-like leaves and are very different from hardwood trees which have broad, flat leaves and usually without cones. You can easily identify a conifer from a hardwood.

How does a birds beak help you identify its habitat?

Their beak adapts to their niche. Like a hummingbird, they have long beaks in order to pick out bark in trees, so they live in trees.

What has the author Harry Howard Allan written?

Harry Howard Allan has written: 'New Zealand trees and shrubs and how to identify them' -- subject(s): Botany, Shrubs, Trees

What has the author Harriet Louise Keeler written?

Harriet Louise Keeler has written: 'Our native trees and how to identify them' -- subject(s): Trees, North America, Identification, Botany, Flora

What factors are used to identify trees?

Structure of leaf, flower, fruit, stem bark, tree canopy etc.

What function does cones serve as in trees?

It is part of the tree "the woody scales" there are not just cones on pine trees, they are on many!!!!! in fact cones come in different sizes and shape to help identify the tree!!!!!

Can you locate the gerund or gerund phrase and identify its noun function in the sentence Her daughter likes climbing trees?

This would be the phrase "climbing trees." It is because this phrase works in the sentence to be the direct object.

With what object or objects in the neighborhood does Esperanza identify most closely in The House on Mango Street?

the four trees in her front yard

Identify ways that humans may be affecting climate?

poluting in striping the enviermet be cuting trees down and drillin for oil

Four main characteristics used to identify oak trees or hummingbirds as living things?

reproduceing,Eating,breathing and growing

What trees are dangerous for horses?

Horses can have very bad reactions to most trees. Red Maple and Black Walnut are probably the most dangerous, but the acorns from Oak trees can be deadly when enough are eaten. It's always advisable to contact your local agricultural extension agency and ask for a list of toxic plants and how to identify them.

How to turns hickory nuts into saplins?

How to Identify Hickory Trees. Hickory belonging to a section of the Walnut family is a canopy tree that is prevalent in eastern North America.

Could you identify a caterpillar that is green with black spike at the end of its tail?

A caterpillar that is green with a black spike at the end of its tail is the Puss Moth. They can be found in willow trees.

How do you identify different maple tree species?

Acer (the genus of maple trees) is a huge genus with many, many members. As a start, the easiest way to identify them is by leaves. The really fine points will get into things like differences in twigs, bark, the color of new buds, etc.

Why is it important to have a classification system for organisms?

It is important to have a classification system for organisms so that we can identify them. If we are able to identify organisms than there are less chances of getting into survival problems and so forth. For example if we were lost in the wilderness and ventured to two trees, both bearing some mysterious fruits. If we already know, say, that poisonous trees have a certain of leaves, than we can avoid it and not kill ourselves by eating the poisoned fruits. This is the same with fishes and also classification is helpful for scientists to discover cures in the fields of medicine and so forth, if we are able to identify them and know their properties.

Identify the following probability as theoretical or empirical In a wooded area you randomly select 10 trees and find that 5 are tagged You conclude that there is a 50 percent probability of rando?


What are the leaves of a pine tree called?

The leaves of pine trees are called "needles" because of their unique shape: they are very thin and sharp at the tip. The shortleaf pine species is easy to identify.

What is verb for identify?

Identify IS a verb. It's other forms are: identify identifies identified identifying

How do you use clear cutting in a sentence?

When you drive on the freeways in the Northwestern part of the United States after a snow storm, it's easy to identify the wide and deep swaths of trees that have been removed by clear cutting by logging companies who cut down trees for profit: all the area is flat white.

What is the Identify of federalists?

Identify the Federalist