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Well, you will know if a boy likes you if he is constantly looking at you, if your popular, and if he just smalls or waves. Maybe you should try talking to him.

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it means that if you likes u he might be shy but if he doesnt he just doesnt like u?

well he likes you or he just doesnt want to talk to you.

no it means he considers you and likes to talk to u but doesnt want to show his feelings

he doesnt talk to u cuz he has feelings for you and he afraid to approch you were his brother doesnt feel u like dat so its easier

if he knows your there and hes ignoring you he doesnt like you but if he doesnt realize you are there talk to him about tv or party's or vacation

well if he doent talk to you that much, it means that he likes you. so if he does talk to you alot it means he doesnt like you that much.

You should try talking to him about something that interests you both.

It is not necessary that he likes you. If the person is angry, then also he would not talk to you.

If a boy likes you as a friend, he will stay around whenever you engage him in conversation, but if he doesnt like you he will likely ignore you, or cut any type of conversation short. if he likes you more than a friend he may pay close attention and try to start and hold conversations with you.

he likes u but then he doesnt. meaning confused

Well If he is constantly picking on you he obviosly is just trying to find a reason to talk to you but doesnt wanna come off as freindly for fear that you may think he likes you (which he doesnt want you to know.) Also if you notice him always looking at you he probly likes you.

You find out stuff he likes... talk about it find one one you friends that is friends with him... ask your friend if he or she can ask him if he likes you if he does... good for you! if he doesnt sorry...

when he does anything to talk to you

that depends on if you like him too? just talk to him.

Maybe he's shy,or maybe he's quite embarressed he likes you talk to him about it

talk to him or get a friend to see if he likes you

His brother likes you, or he likes talking to his friends.

If he looks at you straight in the eye and doesnt look away you can tell he likes you.

Start a conversation with him. If he doesnt want to talk to you he will tell you.

he would talk to her and get that

if you think a girl doesnt like you just to be sure talk to her at a busy time where if she likes you she will stop and talk but if she doesnt she will get away from you fast hope this helps

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