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surgery or else it takes time, might never improve

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2015-07-15 21:14:59
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Q: How do you improve a flabby stomach after losing weight?
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If you starve yourself and lose weight will your stomach be flabby?

Certainly wont be the tight hip stomach you are looking for, no.

Can losing weight affect your stomach looks?

Losing weight can affect the looks of your stomach. Your stomach will be slimmer, your waist will be slimmer. Overall you will feel good about yourself.

If your belly is really flabby can you really get the lose skin away if you lose the weight?

No. Losing weight will only make your skin flabbyer. Is that even a word?

How can you tighten your stomach?

When there is a significant weight loss, the skin around the stomach can be flabby and loose. There are many ways to tone the stomach to make it tighter by doing toning exercises such at crunches and sit-ups.

How to improve my health without losing much weight?

Exercise baby!

Why should you exercise for your flabby stomach?

You should exercise to lose weight. Also, you will look better and be in better shape. Doing sit-ups helps to to exercise your stomach. Also, try dieting.

How do you regain a toned stomach after losing weight?

If there is not to much fat in the abdominal zone even after the weight loss a toned stomach is the result of ab exercises.

How do you tone your stomach after losing weight?

By exercising your stomach muscles such as in situps or weightlifting (from the floor so you bend over).

How do you gain weight on stomach and lose weight on legs?

That sounds like a really weird desire. Losing weight on legs would be through losing some weight all over, and not doing any strenght building exercises for the legs. For gaining weight on stomach I have no idea, unless you can get pregnant.

How can losing weight improve my health?

Losing weight has many health benefits — and you don't need to lose that much weight to achieve them. Research shows that losing just 5% to 10% of your body weight may improve mental health and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Weight loss may also improve your sleep, raise self-esteem, and boost sex drive and energy levels. I have placed a link in my bio that you can check out.

Can losing weight improve impotence?

Yes. being overweight drains a lot of energy, which is one reason. Losing weight is usually also good for self-esteem, which usually also helps.

How Stomach Reduction Surgery Can Help You Lose Weight?

If you are having a difficult time losing weight, and have tried following a diet and exercising regularly, losing weight naturally may not be completely possible for you.� If you have tried everything already, you should consider stomach reduction surgery to help you lose weight. � Stomach reduction surgery is an invasive operation in which a surgeon will literally cut out a portion of your stomach.� This surgery will end up cutting your stomach by more than half.� Afterwards, you will not be able to eat as much, which will prevent overeating and allow you to lose weight and body fat rapidly.�

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