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How do you improve food production?


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May 19, 2013 6:05AM

Food is essential for all living organism and with increase in population producing food has become a necessity.

The inputs for food production are both the biotic & abiotic components as natural resource that need to be of optimum quality & quality with effective and efficient utility.

The biotic component include all the bio diversity of flora & fauna in the food web.

The a-biotic components are the soil with micro nutrients,water, atmosphere etc that help in plant food production.

Food production for & by :

1.Plants: Environment management for sustainable & improved quality of soil ,water & ambient climatic conditions.

2.Animals: Environmental management of Natural resources and supply of quality fodder & nutrients.

3.Human: As humans are omnivorous they need food by both animal & crop production for higher yields by scientific methods & research

a. genetic engineering

b. scientific methods for maximum yield with short duration & concentrated inputs.

c Maximum development & utilization of agricultural & animals that contribute to food production as input resources