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How do you improve your singing?

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A music teacher and Much hard work - especially in 'breathing exercises' and breath projection and distribution.

Then gain real musicality about yourself and about your music.

2010-04-15 03:53:14
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Q: How do you improve your singing?
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How can you improve your singing?

You can improve singing by taking singing lessons or just do simple breathing excercises (you can even find it online)

Can masturebating improve your singing?

If your singing is like moaning then maybe

What is the best way to improve your singing voice?

Vocal warm up's. The best way to improve your singing voice is vocal warm up's before singing.

How do you improve singing?

There are so many different ways to improve. For example, take singing lessons or you can join a chorus group. You can even improve by breathing exercises.

Does anyone have any tips on how to improve singing?

singing lessons maybe ?

What are the singing lessons?

Singing lessons are lessons that help you to fine tune your singing skills and improve on your voice.

How do improve your singing?

To improve your singing you it might be a good idea to go to singing lessons or just practice all the time, like every time in the shower practice and then you will be clean and you will be a better singer!

Can singing improve plant growth?

not likely

Does eating ginger improve singing?

Eating ginger helps keep your voice while singing because it is good for soothing sore throats and such. However, eating ginger does not make your voice any better for singing. The only other way to improve something, including singing, is good old practice.

What are the benefits of drinking Hot Water?

It can improve speech and singing plus it is soothing and can help improve blood flow.

How do you make yourself a excellent singer?

you cant make yourself an excellent singer but you can improve your singing. singing is a natural talent

Name a way to improve your singing voice?

Practice makes perfect!

What things can you eat or drink to improve your singing voice?

salt water

Is singing a verb?

singing is a form of the verb to singIt can also be a form of verbal called a gerund. A gerund is a verb used as a noun.For example, "Singing can improve your lung capacity"

Did Fergie ever have singing lessons as a kid?

Most likely I mean most singers have singing lessons to improve their voices. She works with her music prodcer now practicing singing so technically yes she has singing voices.

Which country's music is best in EUROPE to learn and improve singing?

England is the best country music in Europe to learn and keep improving singing.

Why are there singing lessons?

If people have a dream of singing they go to singing lessons to improve their voice and their technique! They might have a good voice but, in order to fulfill their dream of singing, they need to be able to use proper techniques such as breathing, posture, and forming the sounds.

How can I improve my singing voice because I am going to be singing for my cousin this July and her singing voice is awesome and lets just say mine sounds horrible and I need help improving it?

Use approach:switch your singing voice to active mode

4 things that dance and singing does?

Dance lets you learn beat and the art of dance! Singing also helps you learn beat and can improve your lungs!

What herbal supplements improve singing voice?

cardamom and ginger in hot black tea

Does sugar affect your singing voice?

yes only if its pure sugar like a lollypop but if you have natural sugar like a apple it well improve your singing voice

Does singing the highest you can improve your voice?

Whether you mean singing with the highest AMPLITUDE (loud) you can,or with the highest FREQUENCY (pitch) you can, really doesn't makemuch difference. Routinely straining and forcing to reach either onewill damage your vocal mechanism, not improve it.

How can you improve your singing voice from your own home with no programs to use?

I got this from Harry styles, a true singing masterpiece!! And he has a YouTube video called Harry styles singing on his back. And he uses it to sing better! Interesting....

Can you sing or have a chance of getting better to be a singer?

While most of the time singing is a natural talent, there are ways of improving your singing voice. There are voice coaches who can provide you with advice and exercises to help improve the sound of your singing.

How can you improve your singing voice since you sound whiny and you crack all the time?

vocal coach!