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How do you increase financial leverage of a company?

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make certain that the companies assets continues to be proportionally larger than the companies equity

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Meaning for financial leverage?

Financial leverage is when one does certain things to increase the possible return of an investment. For example borrowing capital.

If a firm has no operating leverage and no financial leverage then a 10 percent increase in sales will have what effect on EPS?

It will inrease by 10%

Indicate the relationship between financial leverage and financial risk?

As the financial leverage increases, the breakeven point of the company increases. The company now has to sell more of its product (or service) in order to break even. As the financial leverage increases, the risk to banks and other lenders increases because of the higher probability of bankruptcy. As the financial leverage increases, the risk to stockholders increases because greater losses may be incurred if the company goes bankrupt. As the financial leverage increases, the risk to stockholders increases because the higher leverage will cause greater volatility in earnings and greater volatility in the stock price.

Does financial leverage always increase the earning per share?

no, not for loss making firms

How is Financial leverage ratio calculated?

This ratio is used to identify the financial leverage of the company i.e. to identify the degree to which the firm's activities are funded by the owners money versus the money borrowed from creditors.The higher a company's degree of leverage, the more the company is considered risky.Formula:Net Debt / Equity

What does risk taking have to do with the use of operating and financial leverage?

Operating leverage---the use of fixed resources Financial leverage---the use of debts Both operating and financial leverage imply that the firm will employ a heavy component of fixed cost resources. This is inherently risky because the obligation to make payments remains regardless of the condition of the company or the economy.

What is combined leverage?

Combined leverage is the combined result of operating leverage and financial leverage.

How do you figure out the degree of financial leverage at a company?

Leverage is the amount of debt relative to shareholder capital, or equity. So a company with 3 times as much debt as equity is three times leveraged.

What is the impact of financial leverage on stockholders?

Financial leverage makes no impact on stockholders as any stockholder who prefers the proposed capital structure (ie leverage) can simply create it using homemade leverage. Note: financial leverage refers to the extent to which a firm relies on debt. Homemade leverage is the use of personal borrowing to change the overall amount of financial leverage to which the individual is exposed

What do youmean by composite leverage?

Composite leverage equals financial leverage times operating leverage. Composite leverage is used to calculate the combined effect of operating and financial leverages. Leverage is the ratio of a company's debt to its equity.

What are some limitations of financial leverage?

Financial leverage offers many advantages for a firm to move forward. But like most things, there are some limitations that come with financial leverage as well. For example, when a company uses financial leverage they are technically borrowing funds. Borrowing money is always going to develop a cloud whether it's one that just creates a little shade or one that causes a thunderstorm. When a company borrows constantly, they are creating an image that they might be of high risk. As a result there might be an increase in interest rates and some restrictions could be given to the borrowing organization. Another area that could be affected by the use of financial leverage is the value of the stock. It could drop substantially if the stockholders become concerned. It seems that financial leverage is a good idea for a company when interest rates are low. But it is important to use financial leverage in moderation to avoid some of these limitations. The more debt in the capital structure of the firm, the greater the financial risk to the lender. This results in higher average interest rates to be paid and restrictions on the corporation. Common stockholders may become concerned and drive down the price of the stock.

Why is Financial leverage important to financial management?

Financial leverage is important to financial management because it will give an advantage. It allows the organization or entity to have more security.

What does the term financial leverage mean?

The term financial leverage means a way to calculate gains and losses. Normal ways of getting financial leverage is to borrow money or by buying fixed assets.

Is financial leverage positive if the interest rate on debt is lower than the return on total assets?

If a company's rate of return on total assets is ledd than the rate of return the company pays its creditors you have positive financial leverage.

What is the difference between Leverage and Unlevering?

In finance, leverage is a general term for any technique to multiply gains and losses. The unlevered beta is the beta of a company without any debt. Unlevering a beta removes the financial effects from leverage.

What factors would cause a difference in the use of financial leverage for a utility company and an automobile company?

Financial leverage is defined by the text as the amount of debt used in the capital structure of the firm. It is what determines how the company plans to finance their operations. The automobile industries rely heavily on the consumers' demands to purchase more and more every year. Since they are typically a highly leveraged company, they see a much larger increase on the income with increased sales than does a conservative company. As described and noted by the Degree of Operating Leverage, an automobile company is at an extreme risk of financial losses if they do not sell anything as opposed to a more conservative firm. But as their sales increase substantially, they are going to make a much larger income compared to the conservative firm once they pass the break even mark. Now what could cause a difference in the use of their financial leverage would be if the demand for automobiles decreased. Fortunately for the auto industries they house many specialized machines and most of their value for assets comes from PPE. As for a utility company, their products are a necessity so they have the luxury to charge the consumer a set amount and use the cash received to cover for their operations. They also can fluctuate with given natural causes such as a hurricane and increase the costs associated with their use. If you increase the price of an automobile, sales might decline drastically. With an increase in a utility, assuming there isn't a drastic change in habits we will be forced to pay whatever they want to cover their debts.

Is high financial leverage always bad?


Difference between operating leverage and financial leverage?

operating leverage is related to the investiment which is runing the business as finacial leverage related to the total equity minus laibalities .

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a high leverage ratio?

disadvantages of a high leverage ratio in financial crisis

How does the interest rate on new debt influence the use of financial leverage?

The higher the interest rate on new debt, the less attractive financial leverage is to the firm

Which financial ratio is the most helpful when determining which company to invest money into is it liquidity profitability leverage or activity ratio.?

E/P i think,

When a firm employs no debt?

It has a financial leverage of zero.

What is another name of financial leverage?

It means having debt.

How do you you use Leverage in a sentence?

The companies which had gone for too much leverage are generally hard hit during the financial crisis

What are the limitations of financial leverage?

Amount of fixed assets used by the firm