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I had a similar issue and the two things I found that might help is number 1 check the screen in the shower head and the shower head diverting knob/lever/switch. And number 2 is that there may pin hole leaks to check for in the piping.

Diverter Valve or obstructionFor a pressure loss in both shower head and faucet, check the diverter valve (usually a little pull-up knob at the end of the bath tub spout, or a valve in the wall between the tub and the shower head).

If you have a hot/cold mixing valve, the mixing valve may be defective.

Other possibilities are any obstruction such as a bent or crimped water line leading to the faucet, or algae and other unpleasant things growing in the line.

Hot water supply line may need to be increased in size for all fixtures.

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Q: How do you increase hot water pressure?
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