How do you increase speed of Geo Tracker?


Hi, Is what you are asking how would you be able to increase the top speed your Tracker can achieve? If this is what you are looking for then the answer is that you are limited by the displacement of your engine and all the elements in the driveline. Your question though is too vague to really give a real answer. Please re-ask your question as to just what you are trying to achieve. Of course a comical answer would be to just step on the gas pedal, but then I know that is not what you want to know but it does add some levity to a day. I hope to see you return with a clarified question. Steve H.

do you want to go faster , or just accelerate faster.

2 very diff things.

  • to increase speed,?
  • go down hill all times.
  • pump up tires.
  • bigger motor
  • turbo motor.
  • NOS
  • taller tires will make it go faster but will take it longer to get there.
  • tune up the motor.
  • buy a suzuki sport (1.8L) or 2.0L Grand vitara.
  • how is that?