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How do you insert text into a PDF file using Acrobat Professional 6.0 so the text will print and save?

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The best way that I have found is to use the notes insert tool. Unfortunately, if someone only has Reader, they cannot see the notes. In order for them to view your text, you need to do the following: Go to Select When you select your printer choose to print to . This will create a new .pdf document with your comments that they can view, but cannot change the text. You can also do this from the tab. Note: On the screen, I usually choose the 4th radial button as my print layout. Good Luck!

A better way is to use the Touchup Text tool. This actually inserts the text into the PDF document, and then it's on print-outs, and anyone can see it, including folk who just have Adobe Reader.

Go to the Tools menu, then Advanced Editing. Choose the Touchup Text tool. Move the pointer where you want the text to be, and press the CTRL button. The pointer becomes an arrow. Click it. It's good to have the pointer a little lower than you may think you need it. If the New Text box is not placed correctly, just use the Touchup Object tool to move it around and otherwise play with it.

The New Text box will grow as you type, and you can hit the SPACE button to move forward if you have a number of letters or numbers to insert in the line you are on. When you are done, click outside the New Text box, and there are your newly inserted text characters.

You can choose what font you want when the New Text box first appears. By right-clicking inside the New Text box and selecting properties, you can change the size of the font and a number of other variables.

For people who don't have the Adobe Acobat, you can also use a smart PDF Editor.It allows you to add text to PDF file, it has a text tool which focus on editing text including add, delete and modify. Then you can save the modified pdf file, therefore it can be viewed in the reader by others. Question on AnswerThis worked fine except it also inserts a tag numbering each insert. Any way to get rid of the tags?


By right viewing the text box Properties you should be able to change any tags associated with it. You can also deal with anything to do with reading order in the "Order" Panel. (View > Navigation Panels > Order) Just select the element you are looking for and use the option button to do make any changes.

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