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Adobe Systems Inc. is an American computer software company that focuses on the creation of multimedia, creativity software products, and Internet application software development.

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What is the serial number and authorization code for all Adobe software?

There are many websites that are offering all adobe software with authorized code to use them for a lifetime for free. You can visit NFKSOFT. It provides authorized code with the installation. Thanks, me later.

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Adobe Software

How can you do a word search in acrobat reader?

there is sign of a binocular in your task on it,and type what you want to search

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How To Uninstall Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended Completely?

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How do you Change the Adobe Reader software language from Arabic to English?

tab the edit (second tab)

choose preference from the menu (the bottom tab)

select the international from the left panels (the fifth one of the lower list)

on the right panels

the first one is the application langauge

select the third one (the same language as the operating system) if your OS is in English

then close Adobe and reopen

that's it

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Can a jailbroken ipad run flash player?

Yes it can.

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What does adobe shockwave player do for PC games?

it lets you go to tsn and cricket sites as well as the hoopster search up >>>>

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Adobe Software

How do I remove a strike through in Adobe Acrobat Standard 7.0?

Move your cursor (Hand Tool) to the left of the field you need the strike out undone.

You may have to move the cursor (Hand) around a little to get a smaller black triangle shaped cursor.

Right click and at this point you can choose "Delete" to remove all text attributes including "strike out" and in most cases is probably the easiest.

But, if you don't want all attributes changed, you can continue and choose "Properties".

Under "Appearance" select "Color" and change the color to whatever the background color of your document is (probably white).

Exit and either way, that should clear your "strike out" or "strike through".

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Can you download adobe on iPod Touch or flash?

Alright, right now adobe has come in agreement with apple to distribute adobe onto iTunes right now adobe is doing final touches.


I don't think so, I asked an Apple store worker and he told me that it isn't possible toto download it which is really f*cked up!!!

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How to solution of Exiting tally internal error software exception c0000005?

tally 7.2 select the company opened the error is software exception c0000005(memory access violations) please solve the problem data is very most imp sir

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Is there a program similar to Adobe Illustrator?

Knows many interesting similar programs. But only one of them surprised me much and forced to write about it here. Perhaps it would be helpful in this situation.

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Is adobe reader the same as adobe acrobat?

No, Adobe Reader will read PDF files, while Adobe Acrobat can create and edit PDF files.

Adobe Reader is just a free PDF reader, but Adobe Acrobat Pro/Stand is much more powerful to deal with PDF files, will help to create, edit and convert PDF.

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How do you let a flash application communicate with the Internet?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint Advantages:
  • Can easily input images
  • Templates are built in for different appearances
  • Can add notes pages
  • Can easily add media and recordings
  • More exciting than a simple word document or hand written presentation
  • Master slides make presentations consistent
  • Some features such as animations and backgrounds can distract the audience from the actual information in the presentation
  • File size can become quite large on medium to large presentations
  • Some of the features can be quite complicated to use and even the simple features require some getting used to
  • When at work, you cant rely on someone else's computer or laptop to run your presentation, there are too many software conflicts and disk space barriers.
  • Takes quite a bit of time to create a complete presentation
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Why won't Adobe Reader 9 open at all?

I tried to open a file using Adobe Reader 9 from an email and it wouldn't work. I thought that saving the file and then opening it from Adobe Reader might work so I saved the file. I tried to open Adobe reader but it would not open at all. I then tried to reinstall adobe reader but it would not install on my computer... HELP!

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Full form of excel?

executable cell

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How much does Adobe Acrobat Professional cost?

The Adobe Acrobat Professional can start at $449.00 full version with an upgrade costing $159.99 at their shop online. You can find it online in other locations for $359.99.

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Adobe Software

How do you change language on Adobe reader?

Start Adobe Reader then go to Edit > Preferences > International and expand Application Language drop-down list.

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How do i delete text in a pdf file usinfg acrobat professional?

Try using the "Advance Editing" feature... it worked for me!

Good luck

This and many other online answers did not work for me. If you have Microsoft Office Document Image Writer or similar program that you can print to, here's a work-around: Tools>Drawing Markups>Rectangle Tool; make a rectangle around the text you want to remove. It will be blocked by the rectangle. Then print, select MS Doc Image Writer, and in the selection box below the Properties box, choose 'Document and Markups'. The edited document will print, which you can then print back to pdf format so the changes are there without any ability to edit them.

Click Tools>Advanced Editing>TouchUp Object Tool, drag over the text or other object you would like to remove, then press Delete on your keyboard.

Of course, in order to make this works you need first to have a full version of Adobe Acrobat and make the progtam to recognize the Text. To do this go to: Document>OCR Text Recognition>Recognize Text Using OCR>follow the prompts.

Once this is done you can edit your text as explained above.

Or you can try a professional pdf editor alternatviely:

You can use the OCR correction to make the text of a pdf file created from image or scanner visiable.

Document> OCR Correction

Then after correction you can edit the text with "T" tool and even chang font properties as you want. But the image besides will not be wrecked.

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How many employees does Adobe Systems have?

8660 (As verified by Adobe Fast Facts" (PDF). 2009-03-09.

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Is Adobe Dreamweaver the same as Macromedia Dreamweaver?

Yes they are the same. Adobe brought Macromedia and their products, including Dreamweaver, became Adobe products.

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Can you run Premiere Pro CS5 on 32bit Windows XP?


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How do you use mouse over function of stardict2 4 7 with Adobe Acrobat Professional 8?

Function of mouse

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Adobe Software

What Adobe software modifies pdfs?

Adobe Acrobat Pro OR Adobe LiveCycle Designer are the 2 programs that modify PDF documents.

Nearly all Adobe programs use the PDF format however. Photoshop and Illustrator both utilize PDF, but I'm pretty sure you are referring to editing fillable documents.

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What is Microsoft Publisher?

It is a publishing software introduced by Microsoft. Using MS publisher you can create brochure, pamphlets, templates for email, post cards, signs, programs and even websites.

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What is horizontal integration?

a system of consolidating many firms in the same business


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