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Installing XP from BIOS is essentially a CLEAN INSTALL, Booting off the install CD is what initiates this action. At that moment, the only operating system running on the computer is the BIOS. Jeff TechSoEasy

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Q: How do you install XP from bios?
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How do you install xp in newly build computer?

If you have an install CD, you can start the computer with this. Set your BIOS up to boot from CD, restart the computer with the disk in the drive and follow the onscreen instructions to install Windows XP. Please ask a separate question if you wish to know how to change the Boot order for your BIOS.

If you have Windows 2000 and want to install XP Pro what do you do after formatting?

If you have an XP pro CD you can simply enter the BIOS and set the computer to boot from CD. Then put the CD in and when you reboot it will begin setup and format the drive and install Xp as part of the process.

How do you install Windows XP on a ProBook 4520s?

In order to install Windows XP on a ProBook you must follow these steps: 1. Go to BIOS setup 2. And then change the driver setting 3. Change ACHI to be IDE 4. Then restart your laptop 5. Know you can you can star install Windows XP 6. Enjoy your XP................!!!!! Rio ze Don

Anyone know how to install window xp in compaq presario cq40 laptop?

Hi I have presario 700 and we had problems in loading XP in the bios there is a setting sata narative switch it off and you should be able to load XP.

How do you install Windows xp on a windows 95 computer?

Make sure the hardware is compatible with XP. Put CD on first priority in boot priority in the bios. Enter the CD and follow the instructions.

Windows xp will not install on sata hdd it's detected by bios and windows it's formatted then restarts to install windows but does not install it?

Windows xp does not have native support for SATA interface (except SP3). You have to download SATA interface driver from the motherboard/computer website and use F6 installation procedure.

Why you cant install your audio realtek in window XP?

You can disable it in the Device Manager, but unless you can disable it in the BIOS, it will re-install every time the computer is restarted. It is a part of your motherboard and can't be removed.

How do you download sleep mode on xp?

"Sleeping" is a feature of the computer BIOS. If Windows XP does not provide an option to "Sleep", make sure that ACPI is enabled in your BIOS.

How do you install IIS on Windows XP?

How to install the IIS on Windows XP

How to clean a hard drive to to install windows xp?

If you are going to a fresh install, there is no need to clean anything. Backup what you want saved. Make sure that you have the drivers you would like to save. Ensure the boot sequence in your bios. Using a genuined Xp disc, restart your PC with the windows Xp disc in the ROM and follow the on-screen info.

Will you have to reactivate Windows XP Home when you do a BIOS upgrade?

Probably not, unless you actually change the BIOS chip.

Why can xp install not see my hdd?

You probably have a SATA drive. Windows XP has no built-in support for SATA drives. To use the drive, you will need to enter your BIOS and set theSATA controller to operate in legacy or IDE emulation mode.

Can you install active directory in a xp system?

no you cannot install AD in Xp system but there is standalone ADAM which you can install on xp system which has few features of AD

If you install Vista 64 on a separate hard drive that your bios can select can you dual boot a computer with XP pro already installed?

In theory yes. However, Vista and XP uses similar coding. Install the main windows folder in a different hard disk will cancel the errors, but is highly recommended that you stick to one, either XP or Vista. As of now, XP is more stable. Wait for Windows 7.

How do you install dreamweaver cs3 in windows xp?

I Can Install The Dreamweaver software on window Xp

How do you install xp in core i5?

How install Microsoft windows- xp in core i5

Can you install Windows xp on a netbook?

yes you can install Xp by external Disk Drive in your Netbook

If you have Win 98 and Win XP how can you remove 98 and format the same drive for XP?

You can install XP at 98 direct. Means there is no requirement to format 98. Go into your computer's BIOS and set the master boot device as the CD ROM drive. Insert the winxp disk and restart. From the screen that appears you should be able to format the Hard drive, convert the file system from FAT32 into NTFS, and install windows XP.

How do you get to BIOS using XP?

You have to enter BIOS before the Windows XP boots.During the power off try keys F2, Ctrl+S (or any random combination that you can reach on your keyboard).

System bios in windows xp home?

bios is PC not windows, bios can be loaded when you first start the pc, it normally has a hotkey like f8 f10 or f11

How do you install windows xp in hcl leptop k21?

how to install windows xp in hcl leptop k21

How do you boot from the floppy prompt to install xp from CD?

First, if your computer is incapable of booting from a CD, it probably can't run XP anyway. Secondly, all you need to do is put the floppy disk in the drive, and make sure that it is the first boot device in your BIOS.

How do you install windows xp in Sony vaio e series vpceh35en?

yo will not get original drivers from sony side to install xp in this vpceh35en .. So u cant install xp properly...

When a windows xp computer has completed the post for each adapter card that has a bios what is the next step after the sequence?

Bios reads the MBR.

How to Repair Acer 5670 xp OS?

You set the bios to CD boot. After that reinstall windows with a windows xp cd.