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It's located right behind the tank for the headlight fluid.

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Q: How do you install a 91 Geo Storm radiator belt?
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Why does a Geo Storm squeal when accelerating?

Timing Belt.... Check all your belts.

Where is the alternator belt located on a 1992 geo storm?

the alternator and belt are located at the bottom of the engine on the passenger side looking at the timing belt side

Where can you find an alternator belt diagram for a 1993 Geo Storm?

the belt only goes around the crank pulley and alternator pulley

How do you replace a timing belt on a 1990 Geo Storm 1.6 sohc?

You ask a professional for help.

91 Geo Storm GSI engine temp gauge reads hot upper radiator hose is hot but lower isn't what gives?

A clog in the radiator will do this.

Where do you find a layout of the belts on a 1997 geo prizm?

Generally the belt layout is on a sticker in the engine compartment near the radiator.

Is the 1993 Geo Storm engine an interference motor or are you OK if the timing belt breaks?

the clutch is really easy to install and the timing belt is not a problem if its shot The 1993 Geo Storm is not an interference motor, because my belt just broke,(Nov 2005) and I got the same question answered on the following website: "". My daughter's 1990 Geo Storm timing belt broke while she was driving it. She tried to start the engine but it would not run. We were told that it was an interference motor and that the motor was now shot. Being a little skeptical of the "experts" I put a new timing belt on and the engine started and has run fine for several months (clutch just went out). So much for the experts, by the way how ard is it to change the clutch? Thanks M in Omaha

How do you change a timing belt on a 1991 Geo Storm?

look into or get yourself a haynes repair manual at any autopart store.!

How do you set the timing on a 1991 Geo Storm 1.6 after changing the timing belt?

I think that after you put on the timing belt alighned properly,that your distrib. makes up the diff. when you adjust it. Jim

Why does your geo eat up so much gas if you got tune up with new timing belt and water pumpgasketthermostat done for a 91 geo storm?

It's probobly out of time. Try retiming it.

Does a 1994 Geo Prizm have a timing belt or a timing chain?

1994 Geo Prizm has a timing belt.

1996 geo prizm belt routing diagram 1.6L?

belt diagram for a 1996 Geo Prizm

Why engine doesn't run after changing timing belt and water pump engine has spark and fuel 1990 geo storm gsi?

Did it run before?

Any suggestions as to why the upper radiator hose on my 91 Geo Storm gets hot and the lower hose doesn't?

Your water flow comes out of the engine through the upper hose, into the radiator. The lower hose is cooler because the radiator has done its job; it cooled the water!

Will a 1993 Geo Storm motor fit a 1991 Geo Tracker?


How do you replace the timing belt on a 1994 Geo Prizm 1.6?

How do you replace the timing belt on a 1994 Geo Prizm 1.6?

Where is the radiator drain plug on a 1991 Geo Prism automatic with AC?

Bottom of radiator

Where is the radiator drain plug on Geo Prizm?

It is just below the lower radiator hose.

Will a Geo Metro motor fit a 1992 geo storm?

sue in da house

Why might a 1993 Geo overheat?

Bad/loose fan belt, bad thermostat, low coolant level, plugged/bad radiator, maybe water pump is out.

How do you 1990 Geo storm?

Very carefully!

Will a 1995 geo storm engine fit in a 1991 geo storm?

Geo Storm was manufactured from 1990-1993. Two engines were available the 1600cc SOHC and the 1600cc DOHC while it is possible to switch between one style engine for the other it is rather involved. Other sources for these engines are the Isuzu Stylus for the SOHC or the DOHC or the Isuzu Impulse XS for the DOHC. The Isuzu Impulse RS was a DOHC Turbo which requires considerable modification to install.

How do you time a 1993 GEO storm?

You can't. They have a distributor pack, and not a cap and rotor. a 1.6 eng 93 geo storm has a distributor cap and rotor!!!

What is the timing on a 1990 geo storm?

Answer: The ignition timing on a 1990 Geo Storm is 10 degrees BTDC. This applies to both the SOHC and DOHC 1.6L engines.

How do you replace the exhaust resinator on a 92 geo storm 1.6 liter sohc?

how do i replace the exaust resinator on a 92 geo storm 1.6 liter sohc