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How do you install a 97 Honda accord thermostat?

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The car in this answer is a 97 Accord, four door, four cylinder. Locate the thermostat by following the bottom hose of the radiator (the standard is to follow the top, however it is not there) it should lead toward the back of the engine compartment. The hose will connect to a joint connected to the block, this where you will remove the hose (catch the fluid in something a pan on the ground is easiest) feeling inside the port of the block you should find the thermostat. Remove the two bolts holding the joint to the block, the bottom of the two is the most difficult, I move a few things out of the way, pull out the old stat, line up the new one (it's an off-center type) put it in don't forget the new gasket, refill the system with fluid and check and test.

2007-01-10 18:21:39
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