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Most reputable car audio dealers offer (a means to determine, if the stereo you want to buy, will actually fit your car) You may want to check the car stereo manufacturers web site for this info. Once you know it will fit, you can purchase "trim kits" from places like Walmart or just about any car audio store. These kits are made to fit the front and sides of you new audio equipment so the new equipment will fit the old radio opening. Follow the trim kit instructions for YOUR vehicle carefully . There are parts in the trim kits that are meant for a multitude of vehicles, so don't be surprised with the all of the extra parts you end up NOT using. You may also need to purchase a wiring adapter assembly. (The old radio power/speaker wiring connector in the vehicle wiring harness is unlikely to work in your new stereo. The adapter converts your existing wiring to a connector that will work with your new stereo. These are available at the same stores mentioned above. The trim kit I used for the SuperTuner in my 90 Lumina worked really well and surprisingly, didn't take long to install. Take your time though!! The effort is worth it. There is nothing more unattractive than an ill-fitting stereo in an oversized, jagged hole in you dash!

2007-03-26 02:29:18
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How do I change the clock setting on a 1997 Chevy Lumina with a CD stereo system?

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