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well that's no preoblem just follow these steps,pull out #1 cylinder spark plug which is the first plug on the right if you are facing the engine,than put a compression gauge in the hole and turn it over until you see compression ,if you do not have a gauge than put your finger over the hole and get someone to turn over the engine until your finger gets blown off the hole this is the compression stroke.than look at your harmonic balancer the line should line up with zero on the cover when you are at top dead center of the stroke.than install the distributer with the rotor pointing to the #1 cylinder,than you must install the wires making sure that the rotor under the cap is pointing to the wire you are going to put on #1 than continue puting the wires on in the firing order which is 18436572 remember that the cylinder are aposing one another,start with #1 on the right front(facing engine)than #2 is on the opposite side the right cylinder bank is 1357 and the left side is 2468.than u must time the engine.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:47:07
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Q: How do you install a distributor on a Chevrolet 350 engine?
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