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How do you install a fireplace?

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Depends on what kind of fireplace! Need more info

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Electric Fireplace?

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Gas Fireplaces?

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Will my fireplace work properly if i install a custom fireplace screen over the old one?

You can install a custom fireplace screen over an existing fireplace. It is not recommended to put a new screen over an old screen. The main thing you need when planning on a new screen is the exact measurements of the fireplace.

Is it difficult to install a ventless gas fireplace?

It is indeed difficult to install a ventless gas fireplace. Anytime you deal with gas you should call a professional.

Brick Fireplace?

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Fireplace Remodel?

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Electric Fireplace Insert?

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How do you convert a vented fireplace into a ventless fireplace?

If you can not burn wood in this fireplace, you can not convert to vent-free. If you have a vented fireplace w/ a damper you install vent-free logs and opt to vent them or not

Fireplace Inserts?

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Fireplace Screens?

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Wood Burning Fireplace?

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How do you install a fireplace screen?

Fireplace screens are pretty simple and straightforward to install. Half the battle is making sure that you buy a screen that is the proper size to fit your fireplace. Most screens require a small amount of assembly, just putting in a few screws. If you buy a free standing screen, then it's as simple as placing it in front of the open fireplace.

Propane Fireplace Installation?

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Is a fireplace insert hard to instal?

This all depends on the brand and what type of insert you want. If you have a small fireplace with a simple insert, its not difficult. But if you have big fireplace with a heavy insert, you should let an expert install it.

What are the pros and cons of choosing to install a gas fireplace over a woodburning fireplace?

The pros of intstalling a gas fireplace are no smoke, it looks like a real wood burning fireplace, and not having to chop wood. The cons are paying for the installation and having a higher gas bill every month.

How do you install a television over the fireplace?

Which one are you going to watch? You put the TV on the mantle. What is the problem?

Fireplace Mantle Installation?

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Should you install a flat screen tv over the fireplace?

no because the heat will affect the electronics in the tv

Does my living room fireplace installation have to be done by professionals, or can I do it on my own?

A fireplace literally brings fire into your living room. This is why you should definitely hire a professional to install it. Better safe than sorry.

Can a ventless fireplace be installed in entertainment?

Vent free fireplaces can be installed almost anywhere, refer to the model your are interested in, every vent free fireplace has it's own clearance requirements, including floor to ceiling (Never install a TV above a vent free fireplace!)

What can be done with a non-functional fireplace?

There are many things you can do to spruce up your dysfunctional fireplace. One option is to hang book shelves in and around the space. These can be used to create a reading nook, or to place pictures and statues on. Flowers are another great decoration for an empty fireplace. Finally, you can always install an electric fireplace which doesn't need a working chimney if you would like to keep the fireplace look.

How do you convert a gas fireplace into a wood burning fireplace?

first off you need to turn off the gas then, cap the gas line then remove the gas line and the vent pipes up in the chimney, then remove the insert or gas log, then install damper doors, put on a suitable door to the fireplace, and put a basket in the fireplace to hold the wood The above paragraph assumes that the fireplace was originally a wood burning fireplace that was retrofit to accommodate a gas fireplace insert and in that circumstance the information is accurate. However, if the fireplace was originally designed as a gas appliance it cannot be converted to solid fuel ( wood ).

Does Rochester Gas and Electric install fireplace inserts?

from their website, it does not appear that they do. But they do have some good tips on selecting a contractor to do that.

How do you install a fireplace insert?

You insert it into the wall and you use screws and nails to mount it in. It might be the best idea to have a professional do this as if you improperly install this you could cause damage to your personal property.

How do you install TV wall mount to brick fireplace?

Drill into the brickwork using a masonry drill, and use rawlplugs to screw into. If the fireplace is in use (especially a coal fire) rising heat and dust could be a problem.