How do you install a grease gasket on an existing toilet?

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The wax ring underneath it? Shut the water off, flush the toilet and let as much of the water go out as possible. Get the remainder out with a sponge or towel. Dip the water out of the bowl. Take the two nuts loose on the base of the toilet on either side at the bottom. Disconnect the water supply line also. You can just tip the toilet forward to get the old ring out and to put the new one in. There is still water in the bottom of the toilet so don't move it around a lot. Put the wax ring either on the floor around the drain or on the toilet. Wax side against the toilet and the black funnel into the drain. Lower the toilet back down making sure the bolts come through the holes. Stand over the toilet and put both hands on either side right behind the seat and put your weight on it. This will flatten the wax out and seal the toilet down. Now put the nuts back on the bolts and tighten them. Gently a little on each side until they are snug but do not over tighten them because the base will break.
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