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1. support vehicle on jackstands

2. remove tires

3. locate lower control arm. there are 2 17mm nuts and a 17mm bolt that attaches the lower control arm to the ball joint. these will need to be removed.

4. remove the castle nut and cotter pin holding the old ball joint inplace to the spindle. you can tap the old ball joint out with a hammer once the castle nut is out.

5. replace ball joint, replace bolt and cotter pin. then reset ball joint back onto lower control arm and fasten fasteners.

6. get an alignment.

i find this the easiest way to remove them as well as removing CV joints. you don't touch the alignment bolts this way. if you need more room to get to the castle nut, you can remove the CV joint as well as pull the complete strut assembly out from the top mount. just remember to remove the brake caliper and support it with a wire.

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Q: How do you install a lower front balljoint on a 1994 Toyota Corolla?
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