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its all pretty simple black to ground red to a 12v power white to the dimmer switch and the hard one "GREEN" it get spliced into a tan/yellow strip wire on the main plug under the hood

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Q: How do you install a sunpro super tach 2 tachomter on a 94 ranger?
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How do you hook up a sunpro tach to a 98 Toyota tacoma 2.4l 5 speed?

how do you hook up a sunpro super tach 2

91 Honda civic dx how to install a sunpro super tech 2?

there should be 3 wires a green a black and a white. the green goes to the negative post on the ignition coil. black goes to a ground. and the white is for the lights that goes to the positive on the ignition switch.

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How do you install a Sunpro super tach 2 tachometer in a 92' F150?

the white will splice in with your instrument lamp with the connector that is in the install package the red will run to your fuse box or batt. terminal the black can be grounded any were their is metal if u have a 5.0 it will go to ignition coil near distributor tan/yellow stripe wire thats for 91-96

How do you install a Sunpro super tach 2 tachometer in a 95 acura integra?

you can install any kind of tach you want to in your car..if you do not have a stock tach then look in your manual for the rmp sensor wire..should be blue or green coming off the distributor...just splice into it...if you have a stock tach you can just splice into the stock tach wires by taking off the dash

How do you install a Sunpro super tach 2 tachometer in a 1994 Silverado?

hook your green wire from the tach to the white wire from the coil PAC it should be a white and a yellow wire coming from the coil. the tach should have a white wire that will be your light inside the tach a red wire for power and a black for ground.. good luck

How do you install a sunpro super tach 2 in a 95 4 cylinder s10?

red wire goes to positive battery white and black wires are for the light white wire being the positve and the green wire goes to the ignition control modtral on passenger side motor on the coil packs it goes to the white wire

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