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How do you install air shocks?

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Air shocks are typically installed the same as regular shocks, jack the vehicle up, be safe and use jackstands, under each side of the axle if they are goin on the rear, this will compress the shocks making them easier to remove. If you have shocks inside of coil springs, i would recommend having a shop install them, or purchasing a coil spring compressor, but the store bought spring compressors are often still dangerous to use. Be careful as this point although the shocks are compressed they can still rebound and extend as they are unbolted. Anyways with the shocks compressed remove the top bolt from the top of the shock and mount, once these are removed, carefully jack up the vehichle again, remove the jack stands, and carefully lower the vehichle and allowing the shocks to extend again, you can carefully tap out the upper portion of the shock from the mounting point. For the lower bolt undo it, and remove the shock. New shocks typically come with a plastic "keeper" that keeps the shock compressed, tying the top and bottom of the shock together to ease the installation. Generally with air shocks the air inlet should face the center of the rear differential, install your new shocks with the keeper in place. Generally bolt the top shock mount in 1st, after it is bolted on securely, undo the "keeper strap" usually cutting it loose. This allows the shock to decompress, and maneuvering it into the lower shock mount easier. With both shocks mounted, decide where you are going to mount your main Inlet valve for filling the shocks. I used to mount mine under the rear license plate out of view, but easy to get to. Once you have the location selected connect all the lines up from the shocks to the main inlet valve determine if any thing may snag, or get in the way or damage the lines, once satisfied on the positioning of the lines, secure them to parts of the undercarriage using plastic zip ties, rubber coated loops fasteners, even velcro round strap/loop fasteners. Make sure when you secure the lines, nothing will chafe or rub on the airlines. When you are done, fill up the shocks from the main valve, and check each valve for any airleaks. Hope this helps.

2006-08-05 19:31:35
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Instructions on How do you install air shocks and air lines for Pontiac Aztec?

Follow the instructions that come with the shocks.

How hard is it to install air shocks on a lifted pickup truck?

Air shocks should be installed by a professional. You are dealing with high compression springs which can be fatal if handled incorrectly.

How do you remove and replace rear air shocks on a 2002 Buick La Sabre?

Begin by removing the airline to your 2002 Buick LeSabre rear air shocks. Remove the shock retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new rear air shocks.

Can Monroe air shocks work on a 1997 Mazda MPV van?

I have done this and it works GREAT..!!!!! You just have to adapt your lines to fit the shocks.. Don't be afraid to buy your shocks and install long as you have skills.

How do I install shocks of SUBARU To Nissan 300ZX 902?

If I understand right, you want to take shocks from a Subaru and install them into a Nissan. Forget about it. Just purchase new shocks meant for the Nissan.

How do you replace rear air shocks on 1997 Pontiac Transport?

Easy: 1) Disconnect the air hose clips. 2) Unbolt the bottoms of the shocks. 3) Unbolt the tops of the shocks 4) Install new shocks 5) When installing the hoses to the new shocks, make sure the seals are clean and lubricate them lightly with a little silicone. Now, replacing the pressure hoses, that is a much harder job.

How do you change air shocks on 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette?

This car does not come with air shocks.

How can you install the front shocks on a 1994 Chevy beretta z26?

There are no front shocks on any Beretta. Shocks are in the rear. Struts are in the front.

Can you connecting line to air shocks for individual air and how?

If you are looking to make air shocks operate like air bags, you will be disappointed.

Does a 1995 Crown Victoria use shocks or struts?

Shocks- some are air shocks. Shocked?

What are the advantages of air shocks over regular shocks?

Air shocks allow the vehicle to ride smoother than regular shocks. Also, it helps the car carry greater weight over longer distances than regular shocks.

What are the best brand of air shocks for 1984 cutlass supreme?

Any air shocks are good and will work on your car.

Are there Gabriel air shocks for most vehicle models?

The air shocks that are made by Gabriel (Hijacker Air Adjustable Shocks) are designed for vehicles that carry heavy loads and tow boats or trailers. There are not any Gabriel air shocks that are designed for passenger cars like convertibles, sedans and coupes.

Could you replace air shocks in a 97 Lincoln mark vii with regular shocks?

You have to replace with springs and shocks

Can I put air in my air bags?

You can put Air in Air Shocks Not Air Bags

What shocks can replace the air ride shocks on 1996 Lincoln continental?

spring struts

Does a 2002 buick lesabre have air shocks or springs?

Lesabres only have air suspension in the rear, they will be a combination of air shocks with a coil spring on the lower control arm.

How do you replace the shocks on a 91 Honda accord?

It does not have shocks on the front it has struts which should only be replace by a professional. The rear shocks are easily replaced. Just unbolt them and install the new ones.

Can you put air shocks on the front of a 1994 Chevrolet Caprice?

No you can not but you can install heavy duty springs that will raise the front end 2 1/2 to 3 inches.

Does my 1993 sedan devell have shocks ar sruts?

Struts in the front and air shocks in the rear.

Air shocks has to mouch air how do you remove?

The shocks have a air valve just like a tire valve, just take the cap off the valve and depress the insert in the valve to let air out.

Can you replace regular shocks with air shocks and leave in the air bags on a 1994 Lincoln town car?

You could do that. The air shocks would have to be manually inflated. You may run into a competition between the manually leveling system and the automatic levilng system.

Why do's a 1995 Buick Riviera having trouble with the shocks?

I had the same problem on my 95 Riviera. I bought a set of air shocks from Autozone and installed them putting the air pressure valve in the trunk out of the way and disconnected the auto system under the car. Now I added some air to the air shocks and it is adjustable by releasing the amount of air according to the ride you like. worked perfectly, and no more pump running constantly. $70.00 for air shocks verses $400.00 for factory pump and original shocks. works great.

Does the 2008 dodge avenger have air shocks?


What is the best suspension for smooth and comfort ride?

Depends on what you're driving. Most cars have gas shocks and some have air shocks. Air shocks are more comfortable, with an automatic leveller, as in Lincoln Continental, in my opinion.