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Do you mean an oil pressure gauge? Not tach?

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Where does the signal wire go to for a Nissan 200sx s14 to install a tacho and a shift light?

on to your coil, or you ignition box where it is labeld tach only ( or some thing like that ) hope that helps

How do you install a tach in a Nissan ser spec v?

Terminal number 36 in ur engine computer

Does anybody know with a 96 s10 pickup that has no tach from the factory can you install a cluster that has a tach Will the connection be there for a tach if originally it did not have one?

theirs a green wire by distributer that is for the tach

How to install Autometer tach on snowmobile?

how to install automotive tachometer on a snowmobile

How do you install an after market tach in your 91 Nissan 300zx?

You would always want to have your tach in a very easy to see place. I have seen many mounted on the left window molding. They do make a gauge mount that replaces the original factory molding.

How do you install the tach wire for a tachometer for a '99 Elantra?

IF you have the installation instructions for the tach, it prolly tells you where to attach the tach wire. If not, call the manu. of the tach or search for their website online.

How do you install a aftermarket tech in a 1993 mark viii?

if you mean tach/tachometer you have find an aftermarket tach driver and plug it in where the original tach plugs in

Where is the tach signal connector in 1999 Frontier?

Tach signal? To install a Tachometer? I did it 2 days ago! finnaly got a Tach on my 1998 Nissan Frontier By concept 1 4 cylinder 2.4 right?....Yep if you would still light to know Email me at or myspace is peace!

How do you install a tach?

This entirely depends on the vehicle and the type of tach your referring to such as a add on tach or an OEM in dash tach. To explain how to install and OEM tach would take far to long. I would suggest a add on tach that mounts basically where ever you want to mount it. Most of these tachs explain the installation instructions. I personally recommend a tach by Autometer you can view their products on the web at the link below. , EzForJesus

How do you install a Sunpro super tach 2 tachometer in a 95 acura integra?

you can install any kind of tach you want to in your car..if you do not have a stock tach then look in your manual for the rmp sensor wire..should be blue or green coming off the distributor...just splice into it...if you have a stock tach you can just splice into the stock tach wires by taking off the dash

How do you install a tach on a 95 Grand Am 2.3 5-speed?

There should be installing instructions with the tach. If not contact the manufacturer.

How do you install an aftermarket tach on a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire?

You need an aftermarket tach adaptor autometer makes a good one

Can you put a tach on a 97 Nissan sentra with an auto transmission?


How do you install a tachometer on a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria?

pin 48 on the pcm connecter is tach signal connect to your green wire from tach

How do you install a tachometer on a 1986 Ford Crown Victoria LTD Station Wagon?

Instructions should come with the tach. Otherwise, contact the tach manufacturer.

How do you install a Tacho in a 1985 Toyota Corolla Manual?

Does the vehicle already have a tach?no

If you have a 98 corolla without a tach can you install an instrument panel with a tach and will it work?

It should work. I have a 94 w/o a tach and put a LE version cluster with tach in. Works fine. There should still be a tach wire grouped into the harness plugs. Just unplug your old one and plug in the new one that's it.

How do you install a sun tach 2 in a 83 Chevy 350?

look on the distributor cap, there is a slot marked "tach", connect the hot wire there and ground the other wire

How would you install a 5 inch tach on a 97 Saturn SC1?

There should be directions with it.

Where does a tachometer connect to on a Nissan 240?

on my tach, the green wire connects to the neg on the ign coil pack

How do you install a Sunpro super tach 2 tachometer in a 1994 Silverado?

hook your green wire from the tach to the white wire from the coil PAC it should be a white and a yellow wire coming from the coil. the tach should have a white wire that will be your light inside the tach a red wire for power and a black for ground.. good luck

Can you install a tachometer in a crown Victoria?

yes google crown vic tach install and click on drock96grandmarquis he has done a detailed write up that will help you

Will a tachometergauges work from a 1987 Monte Carlo dash unit in a 1986 El Camino through the printed circuit via wire harness. If not should I install a wire to run the tachometer?

I'm trying to install a factory tach my self. the guage cluster harness has a connector for the tach but I'll have to find the other end. this much I know there is a tach filter that connects to the distributer the other end attaches to the tach. try they have a lot of good info on the process & yes it looks like you may need to run a wire from the distributer to the tach.

How do you install a tach in the 2001 crown Victoria interceptor?

I havent found the location yet but im currently looking into it, but you have to find the tach lead, I know the lead exists but i cant find it yet

How do you install an aftermarket tachometer in a 92 Honda civic?

run it to the blue wire on your distributor. That's the tach lead.