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How do I install rear coil springs on a 1996 Camaro?

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Q: How do you install coil springs on a 1996 Camaro?
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Will coil springs from a 1997 Camaro work in a 1998 Camaro?


How do you install shackles on a Chevy Trailblazer?

you dont. it has coil springs.

How do you cut coil springs on a camaro?

bad idea- just buy lowering springs. it's alot safer for everyone!

How do you install coil springs on a 1981 camaro?

You will need the spring compression tools. You may be able to rent these from a variety of auto parts stores. Do not try to do this without the tools; it's dangerous.

What is causing a 1996 Camaro with new plugs and wires to buck?


Can you replace Lincoln Town Car air spring with a coil spring?

Lincoln Town Cars are built on the same platform as the Ford Crown Victoria (the Panther Platform). To convert your Lincoln from air springs to coil springs, simply replace the Lincoln air aprings with the coil springs for a Ford Crown Victoria. (Depending on the ride you want, you can choose to either install the standard coil springs from a civilian-equiped Crown Victoria or you can install the coil springs used on the Police Interceptor version of the Crown Vic.) In addition to the coil springs, you will also need to purchase the rubber insulators to install between the car's frame and the coil spring. Simply remove your Lincoln's air spring system and install the new rubber insulators and coil springs. Many websites have detailed instructions and most "shade tree" mechanics can do the job themselves. The cost of the parts should cost no more than $125.00.

Does a 1996 ford explorer XL have coil springs?

I believe that is torsion bars on the front and leaf springs on the back ( on 4x4 )

Are Camaro v6 coil springs the same as a v8?

no the v6 front springs are around 87 lb/in lighter than the v8 and the rear on a v6 are 14.6 lb/in lighter

Coil springs amc rebel?

rear leaf front coil springs

How do you change leaf springs to coil over shocks on a 68 cougar?

This is a custom suspension modification. Remove springs. Build a 4 or 5 link suspension syst5em including re-enforced shock mounts. Install coil overs.

Can you install coil springs on a ford expedition Eddie Bauer air suspension?

Yes,I had the air suspension taken off and replaced with coil springs. I have a 98' Eddie Bauer, the dealership did after I got fed up with the air suspension. Good luck!

Does a 1996 Ford Ranger have torsion bars?

I believe the 4x4 has torsion bars and the 2 wheel drive has coil springs

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