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Installation instructions come with tankless water heater, but would recommend someone experienced enough to install.

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Where is hot water tank located in home?

There are a number of factors that determine where the plumbing contractor decides to install it. If it is a gas heater, it needs to be located where it can be vented to the outside. Typically the heater should be as centrally located as possible to facilitate hot water getting to all of the fixtures it is attached to. They will attempt to minimize the length of the piping runs. Takes less piping and less work to install.

How do you get more quantity hot water from your hot water heater?

Install a bigger water heater. This would only be efficient if you had a constant need for an increased volume and could bear the added cost of installing, operating and maintaining a larger heater. Or increase the temperature on the water heater so you use less to get warm water. This also has its practical limits, where water could be delivered to the faucet at a dangerous temperature (over 130 F), unless properly controlled. Or install another water heater in parallel, giving you twice as much hot water before it starts getting cool. Larger facilities may have three or more heaters in parallel and another one in series for pre-heating the supply to the others.

You are able to run hot water in the sink but I didn't get hot water when you are taking the shower?

Well then either=1- get a heater with larger capacity OUT put or storage==2- Install water conserving devices as the sink would use a lot less water then a tub or shower=

Is a direct vent water heater as good as a standard vent water heater?

a direct vent water heater is more fuel efficient (cost's less to operate). aside from that there isn't much difference, aside from not needing a double wall flue through the roof on a standard gas water heater.

What are the advantages of propane heaters?

Propane heaters cost less to run per hour.

How much propane gas in a 100 lb propane tank?

they put 75% in any propane tank, no more no less. 100 pounds of propane or about 23.5 gallons

Why would the hot water pressure on the second floor be much less than the cold water?

My guess is that the hot water heater is installed downstream from a pressure reducer to limit the maximum water pressure that the water heater is exposed to.

Is it cheaper to have a reliance water heater?

You can save more money when purchasing a reliance water heater ,because it is less cash consuming and useful. Purchasing is cheaper them renting one.

What are the advantages of using a gas water heater?

At current gas prices they cost less to use and a gas heater gives you a much greater supply of hot water on demand.

What should the water pressure be exiting the water heater?

A lot less because the water is flowing if it is exiting and it depends on the water pipe size.

Why are you running out out hot water in the shower?

The water heater may be filling with sediment making it harder for the water to heat and less volume of water available.

How does a tank less water heater save energy?

the magical elves man they save your energy for you

Can i run a 240 volt water heater on 120 volt?

No. 120 volts is not enough to power up the heating rods inside the water heater. You must have 240volt connection, nothing less.

How many gallons in a pound of propane?

1 pound of propane is a little less than 1/4 of a gallon.

What is a propane powered generator?

A propane-powered generator is a generator that is powered by propane instead of being battery powered or running on electricity. A generator is a device that generates electricity to power a home and/or heating and/or water system during a power outage. Propane-powered generators start easier and fast and need less time to warm up.

Block heater install on 2002 Toyota Echo?

The install is difficult because insert hole is on driver's side, closest to firewall. The Toyota dealer charges $150 for part and install. Canadian Tire charges less than $100 (both less tax) Part is same. Install time charged at CT in Westbank, BC was 1/2 hour and part was $46. Routed cord myself. Heater is not inserted inside block but is clipped in place to heat the outside of the block.

Need to replace hot water lines. Do you need to turn off the hot water heater if you shut off the main water line?

Yes. I would. If you are replacing the hot water lines, it is also a good time to drain the hot water heater and get rid of all the junk at the bottom of the hot water heater. That should be done once a year. Your hot water heater must be off when you do that, your hot water heater should be off when you drain your hot water heater. You will see boiler scale come out of your water heater. Leaving the boiler scale in your water heater makes it less efficient. It makes it harder to heat your water. It is the same as throwing money down the drain. If you want to give your money away, you should give it to the Salvation Army instead of the Utility Company.

Will turning hot water heater off for two days save electricity?

Not significantly. Using less hot water in general will save.

Why is the heater in hot water tank at the bottom?

Density of hot water is less than that of the cold water,hence the cold water from the bottom rises upwards after getting heated

What is the advantage of propane over charcoal?

Propane is much more convenient and less messy as well as giving your food a different taste.

What is the environmental impact of propane fuel?

Much safer to useNon-toxic, insoluble in water, no threat to soil, and aquifers water supplyEmits much less carbon dioxide

Do Noritz water heaters need to be flushed?

Many manufacturers recommend periodic flushing of water heaters to remove sediment that can build up. The sediment can cause discoloration of the water and can make the water heater less efficient. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's owners guide for your hot water heater.

What kind of fuel is required for tankless water heaters?

There are two types of tank-less water heaters that run on two different fuels. There is a electric heater, and an oil heater. One gets plugged in the other uses oil

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