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How do I install my output converter to my factory stereo in my car


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you need an amp and an amp wiring kit

Installing "replacement" subwoofers can be very costly, Factory Cadillac subwoofers are indeed very tricky. You must first purchace the proper sub, then install it as you would any other subwoofer. Your best bet would be to install an aftermarket sub and amp due to the costly BOSE system. If you choose this route you may also need to purchace a RCA adapter, and a factory amplifier bypass harness.

Many amps are made for interior speakers instead of subwoofers, so yes.

either your amp has a short..... or.... you have a bad ground

First you will absolutely need an amp to power any subwoofers. Nowadays subwoofers come along with amp..& normally one 1200watt subwoofer decrease your car battery lifetime to 2-4 month

you need an amplifier first. decide where you want the amp, and wire it to that point. (amp comes with instructions for the wiring) once the amp is wired in, wire it to the radio(instructions come with amp) and screw it in. then locate where you want the sub(s) and wire it to that from the amp. almost all your instructions for installing subwoofers comes with the amp.

To power your speakers, and to ensure that your amp has enough power to power your subwoofers, you would need at least an amp of 750 watts true power.

Depends on the size of the amplifier you are installing and the power required to run it. You can easily install a 500 watt amp with no problems.

A mono amp will not sound good with door speakers. There are to be used with subwoofers

It's inside to rear compartment right above the subwoofer.

Simple..... You put the speaker wire in the amp and then put the other end in the sub ...

The Loudest TL-2093 Amp is the loudest amplifier with a 1500watt 2channel amp with omponent speakers or subwoofers.

Install not more that 10 on a 15 amp circuit. You can install 12 if you install a 20 amp circuit.

Where is factory stereo amp located on a 2007 Cadillac cts

Yes you can depending on the wattage of the amp. i personally would only put two 12's on one amp. cause it will still bump hard!!(:

Under the rear seat next to the battery; there is a 10 amp fuse for the seat warmers.

jut an amp wirering kit a wirering harness for a 09 sonata and a dash insert for 09 sonata.

you would just install them like you would on a normal car, but I'm assuming you are using the stock head unit which doesn't have RCA outputs, so you will need to buy a line output converter to run the RCA cables from the head unit to the subs

Memphis Street Refrence 1.500 best amp for the subs

To install an amp to a factory radio of a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500, ensure that the amp bypass the harnesses.

Clarify....Are you talking about an AMP for a Stereo?

that's impossible, unless you want to hook it straight up to the radio, which is possible but you will only be getting 50 watts into a subwooer that usually has around 250-1000 watts so it will barely have any to no excursion, the reason why people have amps is because it has more wattage then a regular stereo..but you don't want to have a too big of a amp because that will blow your subwoofers, so you need to find a amp that is suitable for your subwoofers

if you need mean an amp for a stereo ? yes you can

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