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The Air Conditioning compressor serpentine belt can be changed by adjusting the small belt tensioner idler wheel. This small idler wheel has a center nut (I think it's 14 mm) you must back off first so the wheel can slide up & down in a slot.There is an adjusting bolt on the bottom of the wheel bracket. When the idler center nut is loose, put a socket on the bolt head (facing upwards) and turn to draw the idler wheel downwards. This will slacken the belt and you will then be able to slip the belt off the pulley. Remove & install the new belt and trun the adjusting bolt back tightening the idler wheel onto the belt until your satisfied with the tension. Tighten the center nut and check this doesn't change your tension. This procedure needs you to remove a plastic splash shield in the fender well. You can do this.. it's a "one beer" job! DangerDude

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Q: How do you install the AC belt from the engine to the compressor of a '99 Chevy Metro?
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