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To install the water return fitting above the ground pool, you have to switch off the source. After this you can then install the water.


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The eyeball is a directional adjustable fitting on the water return on your pool wall. Its called that as it looks like an eyeball.

Do not hesitate. Calla qualified electrician now.

To install an above ground pool you will have to level the ground where the pool will be placed. You should then add a layer of sand. You should lay out the bottom rails and connect them as shown in the directions next. Install the walls, uprights, and wall bars. The liner will be installed last.

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I just put in a new above ground pool. Is there someone in Indianapolis that can install a deck?

Absolutely. Many people excacate and then place an above ground pool into the hole such that a foot or two stays above ground. Also make sure you either have clearance for your filter system or run the line into the ground and up to the filter as well.

if you google - installing an above ground pool - you will get links to sites that post quite explicit directions good luck

To repair a leak near the filter return of an above ground pool, a marine patch should be used. Marine patches are available at home improvement stores like Menards and Home Depot.

Above ground pools are cheaper to install. They offer an easy safety feature which is taking the ladder away while the pool is not in use. In ground pools offer a deeper pool that you can do laps and exercise more freely.

The first thing you should keep in mind is the possibility of corrosion and the buidup of ground water around the outside of the pool.

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In general, an above ground pool costs from 10 to 20 percent of what it costs to install a comparable sized in-ground pool. Further benefits are that it is easier to prepare for overwintering, easier to heat, and it will not add to your property's assessed value.

An in ground hot tub can add value to your home. It may also be easier to use if you or someone you know is handicapped. The above ground hot tub is more portable. It can be moved or sold and it is less expensive to install.

Many builders would be equipped to take care of this, or you could contact an earthworks company depending on the difficulty involved.

The same that is used above ground. Sweat fitting coupler. I would not use copper underground in an area that has winter.

A pumpkin grows above the ground. A pumpkin grows above the ground.

In southern California the cost to install an above ground pool vary by size of the pool and the prep work needed to level the area and the cost of building materials like sand. Generally speaking, most pools cost between $800 and $1500 to have professionally installed. Pools with a deep end and pools partially buried in the ground will be substantially more.

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