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There is no upgrade path from Windows ME to Windows 2000. You would have to reformat the hard drive to remove ME before you install Windows 2000 from scratch.

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Q: How do you install windows 2000 if you are using millennium?
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Can you do dual boot using windows 2000 with windows 7?

Yes, you can. Split the disk in at least 2 partitions. First install Windows 2000 on disk C and then install Windows 7 on the disk D. You can install Windows 2000 on disk D and then Windows 7 on disk C. But the order of installation must be preserved.

What does Millennium mean in Windows Millennium Edition?

It was a reference to the year 2000, like Windows 95 was to 1995 and Windows 98 to 1998 etc.

How do you determine if a device driver is safe to install by Microsoft?

Just make sure you are installing a version that is designed for your Operating System (OS). i.e. Windows 7, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000, etc.

How do you upgrade from Windows ME to Windows 2000?

You cannot perform an upgrade install from Windows ME to Windows 2000. Windows 2000 was actually released before Windows ME, and thus will not accept it as a valid upgrade target. You must format the hard drive and install a full version of Windows 2000 if you want to replace Windows ME.

Can you install Windows 2000 Professional on Windows 98?


Can you install windows xp home edition on a computer with windows 2000 pro?

Yes, you can.

Can you install the Windows Vista ultimate upgrade from windows 98?

No. Upgrades are only supported from Windows XP. You would need to do a clean install to upgrade from 98, ME, or 2000.

How can I get the Windows 95 98 version of Istyle to work with windows 2000?

Unless their is an updated version of Lstyle, you will not be able to install it on Windows 2000. The older version will not run because the file structure is different in the older versions of Windows.

How would you do if you want to set up a dual boot scenario between Windows 98 and windows 2000?

Create two partitions in ur hard drive and install Windows '98 on Drive C and install Windows 2000 on Drive D to another partition.

Where can you download windows IIS 5.1?

You can not download IIS 5.1. You can only install IIS from the your Windows Installation CD. IIS 5.1 can only be installed if you are using Windows XP. IIS 5.0 comes with Windows 2000, and IIS 6 comes with Windows Server 2003.

How do you install Windows 7 on windows 2000?

I suggest that you DON'T do this for certain reasons... for example: there are newer 3d chips.

How do you install Windows 2000 on a PC running Windows NT?

Best way is to copy off the files you want, then format the drive and install WIndows 2000 from scratch. It always works far better that way than to try to do an Upgrade from one OS to another.

If you are instslling window 2000 on a new hard drive and your system cannot boot from a CD how do you begin the installation?

You can install by either starting the installation from a previous version of Windows (upgrade), or by creating 4 boot floppies using a tool included on the Windows 2000 CD.

What is one reason to use a clean install rather than an upgrade when migrating from Windows 98 to windows 2000?

Windows 98 uses an older technology based on DOS, Windows 2000 is based on the NT Kernel. Sometimes Windows NT OS's don't work right with old dos files.With a clean install, you get a fresh start. With an upgrade, problems with applications or the OS may follow you into the new load.Install off of your Windows 2000 CD and then have Windows search for your Win 98 CD when it checks for valid upgrade path.

How long is millennium?

A millennium is 1,000 years for example 2000 is the year of a new millennium

If you BIOS is not ACPI-compliant what should you do before you install Windows 2000?

No special action is needed. Windows 2000 supports APM (Advanced Power Management).

You removed Windows 2000 and reinstalled it now while booting it shows two copies of Windows 2000 how do you remove one of them?

Always Install Windows 2000 by formatting your root drive. Otherwise you will face a lot of problems Regards Nauman

When was Millennium Force created?

Millennium Force was created in 2000.

What is the operating system that is the upgrade from windows 2000?

Windows 2000 can be upgraded directly using Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003. The newest operating system in it's class is Windows Vista Business or Windows Server 2008, depending on whether you are using Professional or Server, respectively.

Why lyniex is better than xp?

i'll have to be honest with you, but i have no opinion. i have grown up with the operating systems of windows windows 98 windows 98 second edition windows millennium edition windows 2000 windows server 2003 windows whistler windows xp windows longhorn windows vista windows 7 windows 8 that is all i will say

What are the differences between Windows 95 and Windows 2000?

Well, the huge difference between Windows 95 and Windows 2000 is that since Windows 95 is five years older than Windows 2000 Windows 95 is on the lower end of the scale of revolutionary technology. Another big thing is the startup sound's origins of the two OSes. Windows 95s startup sound was made (ironically) by someone on a MAC, while Windows 2000s was made on a cheap piano.... Windows 95 was missing a lot of tools used on Windows 2000, and one huge one was USB support. See, Windows 95 needs an add-on for it to support USB, while Windows 2000 came with support standard. But then again, did USB even exist in 1995? Another big fact is that the two OSes are targeted at different parts of life: 95 is targeted for educational and home use while Windows 2000 is a "Professional" (buisiness-targeted) OS. But Microsoft also created a (unstable) home version of 2000 dubbed Millennium Edition. (Millennium Edition is commonly known as ME)

If you install Windows 2000 on an 8 GB hard drive use a single partition for the drive and choose not to use the NTFS file system what file system will Windows 2000 automatically use?

Windows 2000 will automatically use the FAT32 file system

How do you know when your a millennium baby?

If you were born in the year of 2000 you are a millennium baby.

What millennium ended December 31st 2000?

The 2nd millennium AD.

You want to install Windows xp windows 98 and windows 2000 on your system but you want Windows xp as the operating system that boots what would you do?

Set the primary partition containing Windows XP to active