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How do you interview well?

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2008-09-16 14:55:04

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Great interviews arise from careful groundwork. You can ace your

next interview if you: 1. Enter into a state of relaxed

concentration. This is the state from which great basketball

players or Olympic skaters operate. You'll need to quiet the

negative self chatter in your head through meditation or

visualization prior to sitting down in the meeting. You'll focus on

the present moment and will be less apt to experience lapses in

concentration, nervousness, self-doubt and self-condemnation. 2.

Act spontaneous, but be well prepared. Be your authentic

self, professional yet real. Engage in true conversation with your

interviewer, resting on the preparation you did prior to coming to

the meeting. Conduct several trial runs with another person

simulating the interview before it actually occurs. It's the same

as anticipating the questions you'll be asked on a final exam. 3.

Set goals for the interview. It is your job to leave the

meeting feeling secure that the interviewer knows as much as he or

she possibly can about your skills, abilities, experience and

achievements. If you sense there are misconceptions, clear them up

before leaving. If the interviewer doesn't get around to asking you

important questions, pose them yourself (diplomatically) and answer

them. Don't leave the meeting without getting your own questions

answered so that you have a clear idea of what you would be getting

yourself into. If possible, try to get further interviews,

especially with other key players. 4. Know the question behind

the question. Ultimately, every question boils down to, "Why

should we hire you?" Be sure you answer that completely. If there

is a question about your meeting deadlines, consider whether the

interviewer is probing delicately about your personal life, careful

not to ask you whether your family responsibilities will interfere

with your work. Find away to address fears if you sense they are

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