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you can't

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How do you invite Warlic in Dragon Fable?

to invite warlic , invite the warlic.

How do you invite Warlic as a friend in Dragon Fable?

You can't do that

I need help finding warlic i beat a quest and i cant find him in the warlic portal where is he i beat a quest and he is not there and i want to get a pet dragon and i need to talk to him please help?

If Nythera (Warlics apprentice) is there then talk to her she will give you the dragon quests.

What to do after you find Valencia in Dragon Fable?

ask 4 a quest! OR invite her!

Where are the socks on adventure quest?

warlic has them

Who killed warlic?

Nythera, his apprentice. She was half-dragon, and was angry at Warlic for not giving back her Dragon Magic, so she stole his.

Were do you find lodestone in Dragon Fable?

Go to warlic and do a random quest. Soon...after 5 or so quests... u will probably get it...:0

In Dragon Fable where you can find chocolate bunny?

go to warlic and do the random quest 5 times and u will get a fire sword lvl 35

How do you do Dragon Fable warlic dragon egg quest 5?

walk east then when you see the first glowing gold thing walk down and follow the path. you will come to a waterfall and there will be a bag. walk over to the bag and its the quest item you need.

Where is warlic in adventure quest?

in battleon at the majic shop!

The missing sock in adventure quest?

Warlic has the socks.

How do you get a dragon weapon in dragonfable?

To get a dragon weapon in Dragonfable, you need to be a member. If you are, all you have to do is go to Warlic Zone, do the quest Stocking the Shelves, and walk north until you find a statue. Open the statue and walah! Dragon weapons.

How do you unlock Xan quests from warlic in Dragonfable?

to unlock the quests you need to get or hold ten(10) elemental essences and go to warlic and click the fire of river quest. it will ask you if you want to spend 10 elemental essences then ok you have unlocked the xan quest (note: it will only ask you once and the end? quest can only be done by dragon amulet)

Stocking the shelves quest on dragonfable?

To do the Stocking the Shelves quest in Dragonfable, you need to go to Warlic Zone and talk to Nythera or Warlic. On the quest, you need to find 5 or 6 plants. There also are special weapons you can get.

Where are all five dragon eggs in Dragon Fable?

at warlic zone and robina

Where is doomkitten?

doomkitten in warlic zone and you have to unlock the summoning quest

Where ca you find warlic in Dragon Fable?

You can find Warlic in Dragon Fable in the realm contained in the Portal. He is near the large tents and northeast of the immediate entrance of the Portal.

How do you bring warlic back from the dead?

After you finish the Nythera quest sequence and Nythera cant defeat the elementals she revives him, but if the quest sequence is too hard and you need warlic in person, go to nythera, hit done, and warlic will reappear at the tent. *Glitchy McGlitch!*

How do you get dragon in dragonfable?

first you need to get black dragon box from robina then you need to finnish the valencia quest where you get the dragon egg the you go to warlic then you do the dragon quests then you go to twilly and finish the dragon egg saga and on the last one it will hatch then you can equip it in sunbreeze grove and train it

Where are the socks in the inn on adventure quest?

u can find it in warlic shop

How do you get warlic in your team?

You do the The End? quest [need ten elemental essences and speak to Warlic to unlock quests]When Warlic joins your team,quickly press teleport to home town BEFORE you start the battle.

How do you get past nythera's quest?

just go to warlics zone next to warlic is nythera go to her and do some quest

How do you invite warlic in dragonfable?

Sorry man but you cannot invite him,But why dont you invite Aegis(Soulweaver Only) He is the strongest Ally for Non DA and for DA holders Have a good Day/Night

Dragon fable where to buy light weapon?

go to warlic do the crystal cave quest than finish it and at last you will battle a crystal tree finish it of then it will drop a crystal take it to warlic and then there will come a shop open the shop and buy the light weapons my character vegeta lvl 129

In dragon Fable how do you make 28000 gold when you are a free player?

You just do the Potion Mastery quest located in Warlic's Zone and click on the person next to Warlic and each thing you get at the end of the quest sell it for either 300 or 500 gold.