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you lay down and look at the sky if u beleve this u rnt 2 bright

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What are three sentences for the word jog?

I went for an evening jog.Don't jog me when I'm writing.Shall we go for a jog later?

What can people do at a reservoir?

Jog Jog

What is a homophone of jog?

jog is correct

What is the homophone for jog?


What is a sentence for jog?

I'm going out for a short jog. Perhaps a clue will jog your memory.

How would a 12 year old girl lose weight easily?

run and jog run and jog run and jog run and jog

How fast should you jog?

This depends on the distance you want to jog. You can jog faster for shorter distance. You need to jog rather slowly, for longer distance. You can jog at the speed of one kilometer per three to five minutes minute, normally.

What is the present participle of jog?

Jogging is the present participle of jog.

What is the past tense of jog?

Jogged is the past tense of jog.

Is it safe to jog for an hour every day?

yes it is good to jog

Which is the highest waterfall among Hogenakkal or jog falls?

jog falls

How do you say jog in frnech?

to jog is 'courir' or 'faire du jogging' in French.

Make a sentence with the word jog for kindergarten?

Let's jog around the street.

When was Ramchandra Shripad Jog born?

Ramchandra Shripad Jog was born in 1901.

When did Ramchandra Shripad Jog die?

Ramchandra Shripad Jog died in 1980.

When was Wii jOG created?

Wii jOG was created on 2009-04-30.

How do you spell jog?

That is the correct spelling of the verb "jog" which can mean a paced run. It can also mean to knock or bump, used in the idiom "jog your memory."

In electrical termonolgy what does the phrase jog trip jog mean?

Run the device momentarily (jog) shut off the breaker for the device (trip) try to run the device again (jog). Used when servicing powered equipment.

What does jog on mean?

jog on means forget about it or i rest my case toughes say it like me

Which state is jog falls located?

Jog Falls is located in the state of Karnataka in India.

How many beats are in a horses jog?

A horses jog, or trot, is a 2 beat gait.

Why is it bad to jog?

No it is bad to jog anyway. Jogging helps to increase human stamina.

Do Camels jog?


What scrabble words start with j?

jog, john,jaguar,jam,jog,jet,jupiter

When did V. G. Jog die?

V. G. Jog died in 2004.