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Arrange a visit to your local Army Careers Office where you have a informal chat about the army and you can ask any questions you may have, then if you like it, they can arrange for you to take the relevant tests in another meeting and if you pass these, then you are on your way to becoming a soldier.

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If your Irish can you join the British army?

yes. Irish Citizens are entitled to Join the British Army

Can a dutch citizen join British Army?

No, The only people who are eligible to join the British Army are British Citizens, who are born in Britain. Citizens of Nepal can join the Brigade of Gurkha's. Commonwealth Citizens may join the British Army, if they meet all the elibility.

How did the British army join world war 2?

The British army join world war 2 by their expirence.

How do you join the British army when you are from an African country?

How do Get enrolled in the British Army when I am from another country? What are the requirements of being in the British Army? Will I get a chance to be recruited in the British Army?

When can a British join the army?

A British Civilian can join the army at aged 16 years old. But he/she must have left school first

Which regiment of the British Army should i join?

You should only join the British Army regiment that you think is best to suit your life.

Should you join the Canadian army or the british army?

Inorder to join either army you must be a valid citizen

Can you join the British army from Jamaica?


Where do get the application forms to join the British army?

You have to be a British citizen before you can do that. If you really want to, you can join online.

Who can join the British army?

Anyone who is a British Citizen or from Commonwealth Countries

What were some reason for African American men to join the british army?

Some reasons for African American men to join the British Army include supporting the military and helping the country. Those who join the British Army risk their lives in order to help ensure freedom.

How does an American join the British army?

You cant join the British Army unless you are a citizen of either Britain or a commonwealth country. An American would have to live in the UK for 5 years and then apply for citizenship before joining the British Army.

What is the requirement for a non British to join the British army?

If your country is in the Commonwealth, like India, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji or Jamaica for example, then there is no problem for you to join the British Army. If you are Irish you are also allowed to join the British Army. If you are from outside the Commonwealth or Ireland, however, you have to apply for British citizenship.

Can a british citizen join the Irish army?


What were the reasons why British men join the army?


Can a british citizen join American army?

Yes they can.

When did the Duke of Wellington join the British Army?

In 1787.

How can I join the British army?

you can find your information at

How does a Portuguese join the British army?

Become a British subject (citizen) then apply.

Can you transfer from Irish army into british army?

No, Ireland and Britain are different countries, you would have to leave the Irish Army, then try to get permission to join the British army

Should you join the british army or the Canadian army?

I would say that if you're Canadian, you should support your own troops by joining the Canadian military, and if you're British you should join the British Forces.

Is it possible for a non British resident to join the British army?

Depends if the country is commonwealth

Can a mauritian join the British army?

If Mauritius is part of the commonwealth

Why should you join the continental army?

to be free of British rule

Should I join the Canadian army or the british army?

The Canadian army makes more money so the Canadian army.