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How do you jump the ramps in victory road?

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You have to have your bike set to the fast gear, and go at top speed at the ramp. You'll then fly over it.

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Where are the fighting Pokemon in ruby?

Makuhita: Cave in Dewford Town, Victory Road Hariyama: Evolve Makuhita, Victory Road Meditite: Victory Road Medicham: Evolve Meditite, Victory Road

What is the duration of Road to Victory?

The duration of Road to Victory is 600.0 seconds.

Where in Pokemon LeafGreen is TM dragon claw?

victory road victory road

How do you get moltres on Pokemon Red?

You go to to Victory Road You go to Victory Road

Where do you go after you beat cheren at victory road in Pokemon white?

Victory road

How do you jump ramps on Pokemon platinum for ds?

use your bike but press b when you are on.

How do you jump in Rabbids go home?

ramps, bouncy platforms and air blows.

How do you catch a mew in victory road?

No, Mew cannot be caught or found in Victory Road.

Where do you find moltress in Pokemon Yellow?

You can find Moltress in Victory Road. victory road.

How do you get a lapras in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can find him in victory road. I have one I found in victory road

Where is the TM dragon pulse on Pokemon platinum?

its in victory road use waterfall you see a pokeball its dragon pulse but dont jump of the ledge

Where is the victory road in Pokemon FireRed?

you go to Viridian City you take a side road out of the city and you will reach victory road.

What is the quickest way to get through Victory Road?

Use Flash to see through Victory Road!

How do you get out of Victory road on emerald version?

you get out of Victory road by using escaperope or a Pokemon that knows dig.

Where is victory road on the town map?

you can find "Victory Road" just before the Pokemon League.

Are there rare candys in victory road?

there probably is a rare candy in victory road in pokemon emerald/ruby/sapphire. victory road is so big i'm sure theres one in there.

How do you get out of victory road?

go on youtube an type in how to get out of victory road in the Pokemon game you are playing.good luck finding

You cant get out of victory road on diamond because a man in the way?

you have to catch the legendary in victory road then talk to him

Where do you use waterfall in Pokemon Diamond?

you can use waterfall in victory road and at the end when you are finished with victory road

Where is the exit of victory road?

victory road is at the end of the room when you first enter the cave, its like a maze

Where can you find terrakkian at victory road in Pokemon white?

It's close to when you're done with victory road

How do you get a lairon?

you can get it in victory road.

Where is victory road in pearl?

victory road is north of sunyshore city a the end of the cave before Pokemon league

How do you get there when your trapped in victory road on pokemun platinum?

you will never get trapped in victory road it's just like a puzzle

When did Victory Road - video game - happen?

Victory Road - video game - happened in 1990.