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How do you keep a conversation going with a girl?

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Girls like to be listen to. Ask her about her life and what's going on in it. Make sure your apart of the convo too! One last thing, girls aren't that different then guys, so, start like you would with any other friend, and add some flirting if you like her that way.

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How do you keep a conversation going with a girl on the phone?

Ask her about shoes or jewelry.

Who is Justin bieber perfect match?

a smart girl, that can keep a conversation going ,pretty,

How do you keep a good conversation going with a girl?

Talk to her and look as if you are interested and then ask about her...if you think she likes you, ask her out!

How do you keep a text conversation going with a girl you like please help ASAP and please no joaking?

To keep a conversation going with a girl you need to ask her questions and see what the two of u have in common. Also give her suddle hints to who you are and the kind of things you like so she has something to work with when it comes to her asking u questions.

How do you keep a conversation with a girl going without it getting boring?

Interrupt her occasionally by shouting a random word or phrase and apologizing for your Tourettes.

How do you keep the conversation going?

just talk,do not be shy.

When a guy wants to keep the conversation going does that mean he likes you?

Either that or he finds the topic of conversation fascinating or amusing.

Why do girls wait for boys to keep the conversation going?

'cause they are horny

What is a Visual Base?

they keep a metal picture going during conversation

What do you say to a girl you like that is 13?

Keep the conversation simple. Stick with the compliments.

How do you tell when a girl flirts with you on messenger?

You don't know the girl very well and they will add an x at the end of their messages when you don't. Mainly, you know it when they want to keep the conversation going and say wierd things.

How do you keep convo going?

You can keep a conversation going by bringing in topics of interest. You might like to bring in topics that you both like talking about.

How do you keep a conversation going with a shy guy?

if you dont now the guy just ask hem some question im shy and a girl was doing that to me so i get to now her better.

Where can you have a conversation with a girl in school?

You can have a conversation with a girl in the school backyard.

How can you get close to the boy or girl that you like?

Just go up to them and say hi and keep the conversation going..then get to know them..just be yourself...ask for their number so ya can talk or txt.

What should you do when you are with your girl friend alone?

Try not to let her get bored. Keep things going with conversation and/or activities. Ask questions about her (in the nicest way possible and without the questions being uncomfortable with her).

How do people keep casual conversation going?

Just keep asking questions on that topic. Then more questions might come up.

What if a girl is your friend but never talks to you?

Well first if she is your friends she should talk to you.Try to get a conversation going.

I have been texting this girl for a week but i always have to start the conversation then ask a million questions to keep it going but she will reply until she goes to bed She like me or not?

Yes bro, go for her, if she says no, its alright theres many other girl out there, good luck bro

When do you talk and stop?

Talk when you are talked to, but don't be hecka boring sometimes you need to start a conversation because no one likes a person who can't start or keep a conversation going

How do you make conversation with a girl you like?

All you have to do is go up to the girl and say hi, then from there start asking questions about her. If she seems interested keep talking to her everyday.

How do you keep a conversation going with a girl you like?

Well first off, find out if you have anything in common with her. Like books or movies. Then ask if she can recommend any to you. Or you recommend some to her. You could maybe play 20 questions with her, just asking random questions about her i.e favourite food or colour. And the conversation should just go from there. But im no expert. Dear friends, to my own perspective for me to keep a conversation going with a girl i like i will try as much as i can to listen attentively, give her full time to talk more of herself, ask her questions concerning her life, make her to feel important, admit that she is right in any argument whether she is correct or not, grinning as we are having the conversation in order to assure her that i am interested in the conversation, i will contribute by giving details of my understanding and experience i have had base on what we are discussing on and also crack jokes that will cheer her up during our conversation

What is the best way to impress a girl in a text?

say u like her Try to keep a conversation going as opposed to letting it die out. Ask her things about herself to make her feel like your interested and try to make her laugh. Thats good a way to impress a girl.

What type of girl does Niall wants?

Someone who is beautiful, has nice eyes, and is a laugh. He also likes girls who can keep a conversation going and who doesn't wear make up. He wants to see their natural beauty. Hope I helped :)

What do you say if you are at a disco and you are talking to a girl?

The most pratical thing is to say 'Hello. My name's __________, and you are?" That would get a conversation going--- probably