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How do you keep deer from eating flowers?

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Keep Deer From Eating Your Flowers

A fence is the only sure way to keep deer from eating flowers, or vegetables from your garden. Unfortunately, deer will hop a 6' fence if they can see good things to eat on the other side, so the fence has to be at least 8' high, or have a horizontal outrigger that overhangs from the top. Two parallel 5' fences, 4' apart will work as well. An electric fence will also keep them away.

If you don't have the resources or desire to build a fence, you can cage individual plants, or try some of these short-term solutions:

  • I have heard that you can by cougar urine and spray your bushes/flowers. It can be purchased at most home improvement or nursery supply stores.
  • You can take human hair (ie. from a hairbrush, or barber shop) and put around the area where the deer are eating and that can help to keep them away. They do not like the scent of human hair.
  • Deer do not like bones either. Sprinkling bone meal will do the trick. If that doesn't suit for aesthetic reasons, you can also use any other kind of bone. Be careful though, as using a steak bone for example may attract bears instead.
  • Tin pie plates or cans tied to stakes will make deer nervous for a while, especially during the hunting season.
  • Crack 3 eggs into a watering jug, fill with water, stir vigorously, and apply to the foliage of your plants. Breaks down into small amounts of hydrogen sulphide that we can't smell, but deer can. Repels them for about 2 weeks in dry weather, and has to be re-applied after this time or after rain. Egg solids are one of the main ingredients of commercial deer repellents like Not Tonight Deer.

While all of these will work, keep in mind that it will be necessary for you to reapply the solution periodically depending on precipitation amounts and wind conditions. Keep in mind what you might attract also. Other cats may be attracted to the scent of a cougar; if you use coyote urine instead, you might bring in the neighborhood dogs. There are plants that naturally repell deer that you can plant along a property line that will keep deer out of the area. Not every solution will be 100% successful though. You may need to combine several, and even change them as time passes. Deer are very adaptive and will get used to any regular pattern if they truly want your flowers.

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Will black pepper keep deer away from eating flowers and plants?

Black pepper works well to keep deer away from eating flowers and plants. The black pepper can be sprinkle around the patch and a little on the plants to repel any deer.

How do you keep deer from eating my tulips?

Put a fence around them

How do you keep deer from eating chrysanthemums?

Chrysanthemums are toxic to most mammals so deer usually leave them alone.

What types of animals eat flowers?

Rabbits and Deer eat flowers and there are MANY more animals that eat flowers so i recommend buying Animal Replant Spray if animals are eating your garden!

How can you keep rats from eating your flowers?

Put some rat repellant on the flowers. The rats shouldn't come by anymore.

Can anything keep deer from eating arborvitae trees?

Yes. A well placed 30.06

What plant stem has thorns that keep predators from eating its flowers?

The desert cactus

Deer Fence?

form_title=Deer Fence form_header=Get a deer fence installed to keep deer from invading your property and eating your garden. Do you want to install a deer fence around your garden?*= () Yes () No Have you been having trouble with deer invading and eating your garden?*= () Yes () No When would you like the job completed?*= _Enter Date[50]

When a deer is eating grass what is the deer called?

The deer would be called a consumer because its eating the grass

What plant has a stem that has thorns to keep predators from eating its flowers?

A rose usually has thorns on it

How does the presence of predators help keep an ecosystem stable?

Well predators keep the population of like deer from eating all the plants

How do you keep squirrels from eating your flowers?

Put out something (like nuts or corn) that they like better.

How does a deer get energy?

Deer get energy from eating plants.

Will deer eat dahlia flowers?

Most deer will not eat dahlias but will trample the flowers on their way to find something else to eat.

What deer guard fence?

A deer fence is a fence too high for a deer to jump over. Such a fence may be used to keep deer on a country estate. Or, on a farm breeding deer for the venison meat market. Or, to keep the deer out of private property. Trees grown as a timber crop may be fenced into stop deer eating the saplings, or to gnaw the bark off mature trees during winter weather .

How are wolves important to the environment?

They help keep a good number of grass eating animals like deer and rabbit.

How do you keep flowers?

to keep flowers you water let sun get to them and then you have the flowers to keep growing

Does using potash keep bugs from eating flowers?

No, using potash does not keep bugs from eating flowers. Potash functions as plant fertilizer. Its application may strengthen the flowering plant in question sufficiently as to make it more resistant to -- but not necessarily totally free of -- predatory bugs.

Do deer eat milkweed?

Deer avoid eating milkweed.

How is a dandelion and deer alike?

They are alike by..... -They are both living organisms -They both grow by eating food (Deer eat grass and Flowers (Dandelions) eat (well grow) by the sunlight and water) -They both are part of the food chain -

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How do you stop deer from eating plants?

Mothballs are known to repel deer.

Do deer eat dahlia flowers?

Some deer will eat dahlias but most of the time the problem is that the deer trample the plant.

Do female deer keep their antlers?

Most female deer do not keep their antlers.

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