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Question is, are you asking for legal ways?

You could report trespassers to the parents, have a word with them yourself or erect a fence to keep them off.

Less legal but more fun ways include paint mines, hose pipes, barbed wire, etc. Sprinklers on manual always seem to help me.

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Q: How do you keep the neighborhood kids off your lawn?
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How do you keep dogs off your lawn?

1st Answer: You can buy a spray to keep them off your lawn, it should be one that isn't harmful to them. 2nd Answer: The best and only sure way is to fence your lawn in.

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Why are there water bottles on the front lawn?

It suppose to keep cats off.

How long after spraying should you keep pets off lawn?

Until it dries out.

How do you keep turkeys off lawn?

You could always cage them . . . or invite them for dinner.

How do you get husband off couch?

Tell him there is a truck going around the neighborhood giving free cartons of beer to every man out mowing his lawn.

Will lime applied to lawn burn dogs paws?

Yes, just as almost any chemical applied to lawns can cause chemical burns. It is best to check with your lawn care provider as to how long you should keep your pets off your lawn after the lawn has been treated.

Can you mow my lawn in the winter?

I wouldn't let you as it's my grass amd my lines so keep off my grass lol

How can I keep Kitty Cats off of my lawn without hurting them - using organic or do it yourself methods?

Squirt gun, sprinkler, any sort of water. Also you can spray the edges of your lawn with tiger urine (available at some lawn and garden stores).

How do you use blatantly in a sentence?

Susan walked straight across the lawn, blatantly ignoring the sign saying 'keep off the grass'

Will cayenne pepper keep dogs off lawn?

In my experience that depends entirely on the dog, and what's on the lawn. If you left a juicy T-bone steak in the middle of your grass there's no amount of cayenne that'll keep 'em off. That said, I've have good luck with a jalapeno juice mixture sprayed along the edges of my yard.

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How do you keep frogs off the lawn?

Frogs are an extremely beneficial critter, eating tremendous amounts of insects which are NOT beneficial to your lawn, flowers, shrubs, etc. You should be doing everything possible to encourage frogs to protect your property.

What household items can be used as a repellent to keep dogs off lawn?

You might want to pick up a product called "Bitter Apple." Other products might work (e.g. vinegar), but they might also harm your lawn.

What are some common lawn signs?

Common lawn signs can be found through most neighborhoods. Typically they will say keep off grass, beware of dog, No solicitation or many times you will see political signs for upcoming elections.

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How do you keep your kids from climbing gate?

you put your gate 2 inches off ground, if you you hear a scream that your kid.

Where can one find information on how to lock their computer to keep the kids off of the computer while they are not around?

The computer manual should have information for locking the computer to keep kids off. The help section in computers also contain these details. The operating system information too would be a good idea.

How do Keep Off The Grass signs get there?

After a smoke session. Well, in most cases the person whose grass it is goes to the store and buys the sign. They put it on their lawn, and that's how it gets there.