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Treat him as you would like him to treat you. Be yourself, if he likes/loves you he will stay interested. If he is not interested in your real self forget him, life is too short to spend it being someone you are not.

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Q: How do you keep your boyfriend interested in you?
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How do you make your boyfriend commet to you and only you?

Keep him interested hun!

How do you make my boyfriend more interested in our relationship?

spice things up keep him spontaneous things to show how much he really means to you!!!

What can you speak to your boyfriend to keep you going after 13years of relation and not married?

you have to keep him interested. dont let him get bored. surprise him or make him laugh or anything t5o keep the flame

How do you turn a friend into a boyfriend if they already rejected you?

Sounds like he isn't interested beyond being a friend. You have a choice. Keep your friendship or loose a friend and not gain a boyfriend.

Does Lauren cimorelli have a boyfriend?

Lauren Cimorelli does not have a boyfriend. She is single and not interested.

Do Lauren cimorelli have a boyfriend?

Lauren Cimorelli does not have a boyfriend. She is single and not interested.

Does enya have a boyfriend?

no, she does not nor is she interested.

What to get a boyfriend?

It depends What Hes Interested In....

Why is my boyfriend interested in tranvestites?

you dont please him

How do you get a boyfriend to like you more?

Be spontaneous. If you've been together for a while already, you need to keep him interested by showing him that you have more to yourself than what he had already seen.

Who is the boyfriend of kim tae hee?

She doesn't have a boyfriend ATM. She did admit though, that she is interested in one.

Why are college girls interested in having a boyfriend?

All girls are intrested in having a boyfriend, its natural.

Why does a guy who is interested in you and also your boyfriend ignore you?


If your ex boyfriend all a sudden starts asking you if you like him and when you say no he makes you swear you does he still like you?

If you are not interested be polite but be firm and tell him that you are not interested and to quit asking. Keep your distance from him and don't accept any contact from him - he will get the message.

What can keep you interested in school?

If you have a favorite subject that should keep you interested. Like for me I like History, I am interested in learning and listening to it. I hope this answer helps you.

When a woman says 'I love you as a friend and not a boyfriend' what does she mean?

She enjoys your friendship, but she is not interested in you as a boyfriend.

What does it mean when your boyfriend holds your hand?

It usually means he wants to keep some kind of contact with you because he likes to touch you. or he probably just wants you to know he is interested

I have a boyfriend and one of my guy friends also want to be my boyfriend I dont want to be mean to him?

Unfortunately you have to simply tell him you have a boyfriend and are not interested in him that way.

If a girl laughs at everything your boyfriend does does that mean she is interested in him?

yup yup!

How do you get a girlfriend when she is not interested in you?

you cant. unless you start changing to the boyfriend she wants

What does it mean when your crush asks about a boyfriend?

Hes interested =) He Likes Youu

How do you tell if your boyfriend is interested in someone else?

By asking if they are truthful, or spying on them.

How do you make a girl no longer look for her ex boyfriend?

get her a new boyfriend tell her that IF HE wants HER...HE WILL LOOK FOR HER.. If not he is not interested in connecting with her again

How do you show a guy your interested in them enough to keep him interested?

just be yourself around him

How do you keep a boy interested?

ignore him