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It may sound weird, but saline solution does pretty well with that and you can buy it over the counter.

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How do you keep ribs moist while grilling?

To keep ribs moist during the grilling process, brush frequently with a marinade or sauce in which oil or butter is an ingredient.

How do geckos keep their eyes moist?

Geckos keep their eyes moist by licking them

Why do snails have to keep moist?

Slugs have to keep moist or they will shrivel up and die i think

How do you keep your car cooler during summer?

Your Engine or your Cabin?

Why your eyes keep blinking?

to keep them moist.

How does the frog keep its eyes moist?

A frog does not need to keep its eyes moist as it is nearly always in the water.

Why do amphibians like moist area?

they need to keep there skin moist

How To Keep Turkey Moist?

You can Lather it with a moist gravy and or a bit of water

How have the people in Argentina adapted to their climate?

They wear coats during winter, and keep cool during summer.

How does a camel keep sand out its nose?

It can keep sand out of its nose by closing/blocking its nostrils.

Why do amphibians need a moist habitat?

Because they need to keep their skin moist

Do camels seal off their nostrils to keep out blowing sand?

Yes, camels seal off their nostrils to keep out sand. What they do is take a medium size zipper (which they find in their humps) and seal up their large nostrils. Some camels did die because they breathed out of their zipped nostrils. Some camels were smart and breathed out of their mouths.

How do you keep your nostrils healthy?

Dont stick ur finger in it

What are the uses of mosses?

to keep it moist.

What do you use nostrils for?

Our nosrils is another way to breath. Some prefer the nose than the mouth. The nostrils have short hairs in them that can keep away dirt and other things. That is why nostrils is also safer to use.

How do dogs keep cool during the summer?

one way i think with their tongue, when they breath.

What animal can seal its nostrils and lips to keep out blowing sand?


Why do worms need dirt?

to keep there body's moist and keep them hydrated

Why does summer goes fast during kids vacation?

Because you are having more fun on summer vacation, and also you keep less track of time than you would during the school year as you counted down until summer.

Can bleeding hearts flowers grow in Oklahoma?

Should do ok, but it will die back from the heat by mid summer and go dormant. Keep it evenly moist and the foliage will stay longer

How long does it take to grow grass?

If it's from seeds, it should take 5 to 10 days. Keep the soil moist during this time.

How do you prevent contact lens to get stuck?

you should always try to keep them moist before you put them on and during you have them on eye drops help while on

How do roof overhangs help keep heat out during the summer?

Blocking the harmful rays of the sun.

How do you keep food moist in a gas oven?

Oil it!! and if necessary, keep oiling it :)

How do pigs swim without getting water in their nostrils?

they keep their heads out of the water

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