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right click and then click auto hide

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Q: How do you keep your toolbar to stay down?
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How do you make your toolbar not disappear?

To keep your toolbar in place, simply right click the bar, and click lock toolbar/taskbar.

How do you restore the menu bar on your computer in windows?

Look up in right corner of the browser click on tools scroll down to toolbar click on toolbar. scroll and select the minus you what to use their should be a check box beside the ones you what to use. And look down list further and lock in your menus so they will be lock in place to stay put. Always use your toolbar to set up menu bars.

Do birds keep down scorpion population?

Yes, the birds eat the scorpions, causing the population to stay down.

Clutch pedal wont stay down to change gear on vauxhall vectra 1991.1.8?

You have to keep it down with your foot!

How do you keep Google toolbar?

If you have already downloaded Google Toolbar and installed it on your web browser then you can activate and show it by going to either Add-ons (Firefox) or Manage Add-ons (IE), then selecting the Google Toolbar (note it is the add-on "toolbar" not anything else") and then clicking Enable. You will have to refresh your browser to enable the toolbar.

How do you get ac coins with aq toolbar?

you just search a lot and keep it for ever.

If you do not want to keep a changes automatically made by word and you immediately notice the automatic correction you can undo the change by clicking the undo button on the toolbar?

quick access toolbar

How do you move toolbar?

Click on it, and while holding down mouse button, drag it

How do you get Gmail as a toolbar?

There is no Gmail Toolbar, There is the Google Toolbar.

How can I keep track of my points on

You can keep track of your contributions and trust points by visiting your profile. This can be achieved by either clicking your user name at the top of the blue toolbar on the left, or clicking on 'My profile' under the 'My pages' section of the blue toolbar.

How do you delete a toolbar on safari?

In order to delete or remove a toolbar from Safari, you will need to select 'preferences' from your Safari drop down menu. From there, simply click on 'extensions'. Highlight the toolbar you're looking to remove, right click, and click 'remove'.

Does 4shared Toolbar slow down browsers?

I've used different Internet browsers and none of them worked slower after 4shared Toolbar installation. The best way to know it is to check your browser speed with integrated plugin which 4shared Toolbar already has.

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