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You could cut a ring all the way around it through the bark. A chainsaw is easiest but a handsaw, hatchet or axe works too.

You can chemically treat and kill trees

Go to Dr. Bonnie Appletons webpage and click on how to kill a tree -

Copper nails will do the trick also.

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Q: How do you kill a tree?
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Can mistletoe kill a tree?

mistletoe is a tree. So no it cannot kill a tree.

Will ivy kill a tree?

Will ivy growing up an oak tree eventually kill the tree?

Will sulphuric acid kill a tree?

yes the sulphuric acid will kill a tree

How do you kill a full grown cedar tree?

You can kill a full grown cedar tree by "ringing" the tree or by cutting out a ring of bark that goes all the way around the trunk. You can also kill the tree by cutting it down or uprooting the tree.

Where do you get firewood in maple story?

perion you have to kill the tree stump dark tree stump or axe tree stump. perion you have to kill the tree stump dark tree stump or axe tree stump.

Does the Judas tree kill insects?

No, the Judas tree does not kill insects. The Judas tree is actually named the Cercis siliquastrum tree. It is a deciduous tree from Southern Europe and Western Asia.

Can rock salt kill tree roots?

Yes it will kill the roots, but it will also kill the soil around the roots. This is not a good way to kill tree roots.

How to kill a crab apple tree?

You can kill a crab apple tree by cutting it down with an axe.

Will cutting the root from a tree kill it?

Yes cutting the root from a tree well surely kill it.

What kind of tree was it in To Kill a Mockingbird?

an oak tree

Why do humans kill tree kangaroos?

Humans do not actively kill tree kangaroos. Tree kangaroos are commonly hit by cars, but this is not usually a deliberate act.

Is it bad for a tree if you urinate on it?

If you urinate on green leaf it will kill the leaf. If you urinate on enough leaves you can kill the tree.

Can rock salt kill a tree stump?

Rock salt is sometimes used to kill a tree stump. You can mix the salt with water and pour it into the tree stump.

How do you kill a sugar gum tree?

Chainsaw the tree in half

How do you kill a coconut tree with chemicals?


How could you kill a pear tree with out cutting it down?

drill holes in the base of the tree and pour glyphosate weed killer into the holes, this will be absorbed into the cambiam and kill the tree. For less vigourus trees you could also ring bark the tree by removing a ring of bark at the base of the trunk this will kill the tree

How do you kill a new tree on harvest moon tree of Tranquility couse theres a lil tree infrount of the animal barn and i was hoping to kill it?

im not sure rearly

What tree does Ekwefi kill in Things Fall Apart?

Ekwefi does not kill any tree. She takes some leaves of the banana tree for food preparation.

How can kill a tree with Mercury?

Drill the tree till you can see the center of the tree and inject mercury!

How do you kill a cypress tree and its roots?

herbicide that kills cypress tree?

How do you kill an apple tree?

can car exhaust kill apple trees

Will bleach kill a palm tree?


Can slime flux kill a tree?

no it can not

Will a copper nail kill a tree?


How do you kill a banyan tree?

" Nitric Acid " kill Banyan Tree but it not for lifetime . Banyan tree (Ficus Bengalensis ) is immortal . It has a power to regenerate in 5-6 month . So it can not be destroyed fully . You can try " SBK " or "Copper Choloride " or " Sodium Cholorate " - Creosote or " Root Kill " To kill a banyan tree . You have to give the chemicals into the tree with some water . The tree will die in a week . Thank You .